While it’s great to have decent makeup coverage for everyday wear, it’s totally unnecessary and even unhealthy to have the face caked in makeup every single day. There are reasons to skip makeup once in a while:

1. To allow the skin breathe.

Wearing too much makeup everyday clogs the skin which doesn’t allow the skin to ‘breathe’ resulting in breakouts, pimples/acne and more and in the end the skin looses its shine and become lacklustre.

2. Skip makeup to work on the skin itself

Sometimes it’s best to ditch the makeup and work on the skin itself to ensure it stays healthy. some days, go without makeup and apply serums and other skincare products to allow them sit and nourish the skin  properly.

3. Have fun in your skin

There’s nothing wrong going sans makeup especially if you have flawless skin, sometimes just show off your skin without coverage. That doesn’t mean going out looking shabby or unkempt.

Let your natural skin shine for a bit just without makeup.

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