You may be ready to put a ring on it — but is he? Here’s how to know if commitment is on his mind.

Meeting Mr Right is one thing, making him commit is a totally different hustle. These 3 signs will show you that your man is ready, or not.

3 signs that he is ready for marriage
1. He puts you first

If he puts you first, marry him. You don’t need any soothsayer to tell you so. And yes, a man will only put you first if he deeply cares about you.

2. He cares about you

Even the most selfish guy can learn to become more caring when he meets the right person. If your man sets his own needs aside to attend to yours, then he is thinking forever with you.

3 signs that your man is ready for marriage


3. He can be vulnerable around you

If he lets down his guards with you, he may be the real deal. Most men only get vulnerable with women they are comfortable with.

3 signs that your man is ready for marriage

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3 signs that he is not ready for marriage
1. He can’t make big decisions

No sissies allowed here, please check next door! If he can’t make big decisions on his own, you don’t want to be caught up in that web with him.

2. He talks about his future but it has nothing to do with you

He talks future sure, but does it include you or your beautiful kids or the house you both will live in? If the future he talks about is all about him, he either hasn’t thought of longterm plan with you or he is just a Yoruba demon.

3. He down plays your relationship when you’re with friends or family

If he does this, by all means, move on. Any man that down plays your relationship has no plans of settling down with you.



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