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3 signs your partner is about to propose

It’s sometimes helpful to know what’s ahead to that you have time to prepare.

So if you’re ready to sniff out your partner’s plans, Below are some signs he is preparing to pop the question.

1. He or she asks for your ring size

If your significant other is happy to go into a jewelry shop with you or if you notice one of your rings go missing, he might be trying to figure out the measurements for your ring finger.

2. Your partner has taken charge of an upcoming trip

One of the most common and popular ways people propose is while on vacation. So, if your last-minute partner suddenly shows an interest in planning a vacation or making reservations without your help, that might be a clue that he is up to something.

3. Your partner starts snooping

You’ve never caught your guy in your jewelry box before. But today, you saw him snooping. If your partner starts snooping through your jewelry box, he may be looking for engagement ring inspiration.




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