3 things you don’t need to apologise for in a relationship


In the end, it all boils down to what you make of it. It could either be one or the other.

Whatever the case though, and whichever one of these relationships you find yourself in, here are things you should never, ever have to apologise for:

1. Asking to be loved right

The decision to be in an exclusive relationship is one that predicated on the logic that you are willing to do right by the other person, and that they would be willing to do same for you, too.

Asking your partner to do better is nothing to be sorry about (Credit – Ranchatdovetree)

And as is often the case, relationships actually begin with these things in place – good vibes, cared, affection, romance and all the sweet love stuff that makes one feel giddy and content.

If, for some reason, there is a downturn in these things as the relationship progresses, you should never be too scared to ask your partner to do better, especially if you are doing your bit and holding your end of the agreement to be loving and caring to each other.

Being loved, being cared for, and being treated right is a basic requirement that anyone who claims to love you must be willing and ready to meet.

Never be scared, or even apologetic about asking your partner to do better.

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A partner who cheats on you can't decide ho you'll react [Source: Lionsgate]

A partner who cheats on you can’t decide ho you’ll react [Source: Lionsgate]

2. Acting crazy when a partner cheats on you

This may sound a little crazy but actually, it is nothing but facts. No one goes into a romantic relationship expecting to be cheated on. The ubiquity of cheating partners does not make it right, and the fact that one sees it happening all around still does not fully prepare them for the shock of discovering that a partner has been cheating on them.

So if you ever find yourself acting in a certain illogical type of way when your partner cheats on you, there really is nothing to be apologetic about. It’s simply a cause and effect thing.

Being independent does not mean you don't need someone to love you (Credit - BuzzFeed)

Being independent does not mean you don’t need someone to love you (Credit – BuzzFeed)

3. Being independent

Relationships may be about loving each other enough to want to share and care for each other, still that should not make you lose your independent streak.

That is something you never have to apologise for. Being an independent person does not cut off your need for people, so what’s there to be sorry about?

You can be in a relationship and be independent at the same time. Don’t anyone make you feel like it’s a weakness. It is not; and it is certainly nothing to be remorseful about.


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