Can men say no when it comes to s*x with someone we love (or even just like a little)? Yes! There are 3 things that make men really consider (possibly) saying no.

1. You’re trying to chit-chat during foreplay.
The last thing men want to do during this very sensitive time is discuss the chores he has to do after you finish your final act.

2. You’re talking about your ex.
I get it, we all have former partners. Still, there’s not one man on this planet who wants to hear about that other man. Not one.

3. You seem more interested in sleeping than having actual s*x.
If you’ve given the green light (and your husband actually recognized the sign) and it’s about to go down, do not stop in the middle and say I’m too tired. You both decided to . the game, you can’t quit at halftime.

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