So how can you tell if a man doesn’t believe in marriage? Here are three warning signs:

1. He tries to convince you that marriage is just a piece of paper.
Have you ask your man when you’re getting married? And did his response sound something like this: “Come on, baby! We don’t need the state to recognize our love. As long as you love me, and I love you, what’s the problem? A ring doesn’t keep me committed to you…I CHOOSE you every day and that’s more significant than any ceremony we might have”? If so, then chances are he isn’t just afraid of making a life-long commitment to you, he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage.

2. He doesn’t trust women
He feels like a victim and therefore is afraid of being vulnerable with anyone else. The biggest way you can tell his commitment issues are rooted in his history (of being cheated on, used or manipulated by women) is if if he comes right out and says he will never marry again. My advice is to believe him. Don’t try to convince him otherwise.

3. He tells you marriage is old-fashioned and that your expectations of meeting a husband are unrealistic

Here’s what you need to know, sisters. There are men who want to settle down. There are men who believe in marriage. There are good brothers who have realized that they don’t want to die alone and are actively looking for a partner.

Don’t get discouraged by the marriage-avoidant men you’re meeting. There are a lot of them in the dating pool because their commitment phobia keeps them in a cycle of broken relationships. Keep dating and don’t give up until you meet a man who shares your values. Just because you haven’t met him yet, doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.


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