If you are like most guys then I am sure you would love to improve
your sexual performance. It does not matter whether you doing an ok job or poor
one, there is always room for improvement. What is important is that you should
do what it takes to give your woman more sexual pleasure in bed if you want her
to always be excited about having sex with you. 

If your woman is satisfied with
your sexual performance then she was always look for other ways to please you
and the passionate moments that you have will make your relationship stronger.
As a man you should always ask take note of the following when trying to give
her orgasms after orgasms.

1.) Pay
Attention To What Her Body Is Telling You

This is
supposed to be common sense, yet so many guys do not even consider this to know
if their woman is enjoying the sex act. If your woman is enjoying what you are
doing, then she would position her body so that she can keep enjoying it.  Let’s assume that you are kissing your
woman’s face and she moves her head away then it means she is feeling choked

If you are
fondling with her clitoris, whether its with your mouth, hands or penis and she
moves her hips away, then it means you are coming on too strong. While if she
is bringing her body forward for more, it means that she wants more of what you
are doing to help her achieve orgasm. You have to be on the lookout for subtle
signs. Some ladies curl their toes and their breathing intensifies when they
are about reaching climax.

2.) Make Sure
You Are Stimulating The Right Spots

When it comes
to women’s sexual climax, teasing her properly is very important. There are
three easy techniques for you to do this. . around her sexual hot spots
like: lips, nipples, inner thighs and neck without actually touching these
spots. Tease these areas in soft and slow manner. Doing these would heighten
her sensitivity, make sure you tease her body from head to toe.  Most ladies like the feeling of being teased
all over. When you focus on a  part of
her body that is not particularly sexual, you excite. So use this when you are
in foreplay, teasing and trying to help her achieve orgasm.

3.) Don’t
Make Sex Become Routine

There are so many benefits that come to you when
you and your woman are sexually active for as long as possible, however so many
couples end up turning sex into a normal routine. This does not have to be so.
If you are used to having sex only at night, then seducing your woman in the
afternoon on a weekend would help spice things up a little. Surprise your woman
with a sex romp when she does not expect it. Doing this will increase her
excitement for intercourse with you and even increase her sex drive if it seems
to be dropping because of boredom.

are so many other sex tips that I have to share with you on this blog, please
do check back daily for more techniques that can help boost your sex life!