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These 30 Ankara Midi Skirts And Dresses




midi skirt or midi dress is a fashion piece that starts somewhere just below the knee and also ends at least a couple of inches above the ankle.

This length uniquely determines what types of shoes to pair with them.

The fact that your knees are covered means the emphasis shifts on to the calf and ankle, which determines the whole look.

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Wearing a statement shoe is a major requirement for looking stylish in a midi skirt or midi dress because of it’s length.

Checkout our look book of Ankara prints midi skirts and dresses you can choose from.

Ankara Midi 7Ankara Midi 6 Ankara10  Ankara9  Ankara Midi 5Ankara12  Ankara14 Ankara13Ankara15 Ankara16 Ankara18Ankara17 Ankara19  Ankara21

The Midi Dresses


Ankara Midi 4 Ankara Midi 3 Ankara midi 8Ankara23Ankara Midi 2 Ankara Midi 1 Ankara20Ankara3Ankara6Ankara midi  Ankara4  Ankara7 Ankara8  Ankara2

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