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33 Lemonade Braids Trending Styles and How to Rock them in 2020

Lemonade braids are Beyonce-inspired side cornrow braids which she rocked during the filming of her Lemonade album.  When it comes to rocking braids and cornrows, it seems like Beyonce and her sister Solange share the same interest.

Queen Bey did justice to them during her entire performance on her Formation tour. She also enjoyed wearing cornrow braids while she was still pregnant with her twins. Beyonce is not only one of the biggest artists in the world but she is also one of the greatest trendsetters. People love her as well as all the things that she does. Lemonade Braids & Hairstyles

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What are Lemonade Braids?

Cornrow style braids, lemonade braids have become an increasing fashion trend. The name lemonade braids were inspired by the Lemonade album. The visual album featured stunning braids and hairstyles that have an antebellum appeal. A visual album is one where all the songs have a music video. Due to this, the multiple appearances of intricate and stunning braids in the music videos gave birth to the term Lemonade Braids. Add in great marketing and building anticipation for that long-awaited album, Lemonade braids have become a hit since.

Beyoncé has always been daring especially with her hair. She has rocked everything from a short pixie cut to long braids. It seems that there isn’t something that she hasn’t tried yet. Most of these amazing looks are done by her long-time hairstylist Kim Kimble. Kimble is also responsible for styling Bey’s hair on the “Lemonade” album. She created numerous attractive hairstyles that involve braids. There is a range of varieties such as cornrows, updos and many more. Kimble makes it a point that her choices are historically relevant.

How to do Lemonade Braids: Step-By-Step Tutorial

When it comes to lemonade braids style, there are three things that you should consider in order to achieve this look. These are the lines, length, and edges of the hair. Make sure that the lines are cleanly cut-out. The braid should be longer, at least near the start of your thighs. The edges of your hair should also be breathable so that your hairstylist can play with them. You need edge control and gel in order to obtain that baby hair look.

DIY Jumbo & Large Feed Lemonade Braids: Step by Step Tutorial

It is very important that your hair should be super moisturized.

Step One

Separate the hair. The front portion will have four braids. One side is curved towards the middle part of the head. The opposite side will be going down to the ear and this will be the side portion. Clip the hair out of the way using a butterfly clip since you will be starting at the back of your head.

Step Two

Separate the back from ear to ear. There will be two large sections on the nape of the head. Right above those two sections will be the less back section. It means that there will be a total of three braids. Right above are the two side sections. And then at the front, there will be four braids that will be hanging.

Step Three

Start at the nape section. Apply some styling gel and do cornrow braids on your natural hair then grab some Kanekalon hair. Use the long braiding hair in order to make it as long as possible. Add small increments of braiding hair as you go. The further along that you get, increase the amount of braiding hair. In this way, you will have small to large braids, making it look more natural. Now, you have done your very first cornrow.

Step Four

Go ahead and move to the next one. Again, apply a bit of styling gel but make sure that it is not too slippery. Start braiding your natural hair. Grab a small amount of Kankelon hair and add it along as you go with your cornrow braids. Add more pieces of braiding hair when you get to the corner in order to have larger braids.

Step Five

Move to the third braid. Start at one side, just right above the tip of your ear. Since this will be a longer braid then you need more braiding hair for this one. You’ll probably need two and a half packs of braiding hair all in all since these are jumbo braids.

Step Six

After finishing the back part, you’ll be moving to the front side. Again, start with your natural hair then add some braiding hair as you go along. Do this for the rest of the remaining four braids at the front.

Step Seven

Finally, polish the look by applying a small amount of gel to your baby hair.

DIY Small Feeder Lemonade Braids To The Side: Step by Step Tutorial

In this style, you need about one and a half packs of Brazilian Soft Braiding Hair and some styling gel. Make sure that your hair is washed thoroughly and deeply conditioned, making it look more natural and healthier.

Step One

Start at the back of the head and gather a small portion of the hair. Since these are smaller braids then you’ll be feeding in super tiny pieces of braiding hair. Place the synthetic hair between your thumb and pointer finger and continue braiding. After crossing three or four times, add some synthetic hair. Be sure that your synthetic hair should match your natural hair. Keep in mind that as you go along, the pieces of hair that you add should get bigger until such time that you’ll get the desired thickness that you want.

Step Two

When done, go to the next section. Defining the section is very important, that is why you need some type of edge control gel or pomade in order to help you see clearly. Also, your hair will stick together so braiding is less painful.

Step Three

Move to the side of your head and separate a small portion of hair. Perhaps you are wondering how many pieces of hair you have to feed in per braid. For this style, you can use four or five synthetic hair at the top and towards the end of the braid. In the middle, you don’t have to add too much because you don’t want the braids to be super thick. The most important thing is you are feeding in at the beginning and you’re feeding in towards the end of the braid because that’s how you’re going to get your length.

Step Four

Before doing any braids on the opposite side, part a half circle around the ear. Do four single braids along the ear.

Step Five

Once those singles are completed, start braiding along the crown of the head in the opposite direction. Do four braids on this side of the head.

Step Six

In order to achieve that zigzag look when you’re doing feeder braids, you need to go back to the opposite side and continue braiding in the opposite direction. Once you have done about three to four braids in this direction, it will create that zigzag effect. The direction that you’re braiding will create that part for you. When you’re done, you’ll have three braids in the opposite direction. This is how the zigzag effect is done.

Step Seven

Finally, for the last braids, they will just be going straight down. Just follow the same curve that you did with the four braids at the front. Literally, this whole section is gonna be going straight down.

Step Eight

Once you’re done braiding, apply mousse to create an extra hold. It will be super soothing to the scalp. Apply keratin treatment to manage dry and itchy scalp. Use an edge tamer to slay the edges and an eyebrow brush to smoothen the edges.

Best Braided Hairstyles Of Beyonce


So, what was Kimble’s inspiration in creating such a wide range of hairstyles for “Lemonade”? She revealed that she listened to Bey’s music in order to capture her ideas and sound. It was as if Beyonce is trying to express her feelings. Typically, Kimble usually does elegant hairstyle but not this time since she likes to show off a more natural hairstyle. It’s incredible. The stylist obtained her inspiration from different sources such as the Victorian styles, Antebellum New Orleans, and Creole. In the past, women of color do not use hair relaxers in styling their hair. In these styles, the lovely textures were flaunted; hence there are lots of texture in the hair. It was more about the history of these women rather than the struggle of managing the hair. Beyoncé has done several albums, tours, and red carpet appearances. And through the years, she has continuously upgraded her style.

Beyonce recognizes the black culture and expresses it through her music specifically in her videos, tours, and performances. She paid tribute to the beauty of black women particularly their hair. Bey displays her natural texture by rocking various braided hairstyles during the filming of Lemonade. Her adoration for braids is quite obvious. In fact, she also rocked this style during her Formation tour. Kim Kimble has discovered creative ways in styling Bey’s hair. This includes tight cornrows, micro-braid cornrows, long box braids, free falling braids, half-cornrow/half-box braids, and others. These styles can inspire you to braid your own hair. Here are her most epic braided hairstyles.



This style uses larger braids. This look was inspired by the ancient Egyptian culture, specifically Nefertiti’s look. It also shows royalty. The braids are gathered on top of each other, making it look like a crown. Undoubtedly, the hair is considered as a woman’s crown. Beyoncé is truly royalty in all aspects. She is successful in music, business, family and as a woman. The singer used this look for the video of “Sorry.” In this video, she pays tribute to the African culture. Here, you can observe the conventional styles of Congo’s Mangbetu women. Kimble reveals that it will take about three to four hours to do this Nefertiti crown in braids.


This is another hairstyle that Beyonce rocked during the filming of the “Sorry” video. All in all, this particular video shows three or more unique hairstyles. One of Lemonade’s most popular lyrics, “Becky with the good hair,” is also in this video. Beyoncé braids absolutely look impressive. According to Kimble, creating braid hairstyles takes so much time and effort.


This style also appears in the “Sorry” video. Here, you can see that the top portion of Bey’s hair consists of loose, soft waves. Then it ends up in two long braids falling over her shoulders. Kimble reveals that her team is very cautious in doing these styles. In this case, wherein, they have to do three styles, they see to it that the transformations between styles can be done easily. They do not use too much heat. Since her team will be doing a lot of braids, they make it a point that the braids are not too tight. You have to be wary right from the start in order to avoid any damage.

“Don’t Hurt Yourself”


Bey loves cornrows and this is one of her favorites. The cornrows are being laid back. This style has been prominent for some time. Beyonce wore this style in the “Don’t Hurt Yourself” video. She leans against a car while rocking her neat tight cornrows. This style also coincides with the song. “Cornrows can be tough; baby hair softens it up a lot”. Kim says that she adores finished edges such as braids, cornrows, and most of all baby hair.

“Daddy Lessons”


In the “Daddy Lessons” video, Bey points out that she is a girl from Texas. Here, we can see her riding a horse while singing a great country song. Her remarkable chunky, long braids look great as it swings while she leans.

“Formation World Tour”


In the “Formation World Tour”, Bey shows off her love for braids. Throughout the show, Bey managed to change into different looks which displays her trendy protective styles. In this look, Beyonce justified her love for bling. She wore this braids hairstyle during her “Formation Tour”. Bey embellished her braided hair with different types of dazzling hair accessories.

Kimble feels excited about women’s natural hair evolution. There was a certain point of time wherein curls and braids were not so popular. It is great that women are now embracing their natural hair. Curly hair is everywhere regardless if you are white, black, or Polynesian. Lemonade braids are proof that women have started to embrace natural hair textures. It makes them look really cool and fashionable. This is what Beyonce has accomplished. Bey wore her natural styles with total confidence, making her look so memorable. This is an important message for every woman in the world. They must learn to accept the things that they have. Women should realize how unique and beautiful their natural textures are.

Getting your Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids, also known as side braids, looks simple, yet bold. Aside from Beyonce, Nicki Minaj also adores this trendy style. This new protective style adds a touch of elegance and edge to your look. It is perfect if your natural hair requires a break! The first thing that you have to do is to decide which side the braids will fall on. For instance, if you are right handed then you can let the braids fell on this side.

Maintaining these braids can be done easily. All you have to do is wrap them up at night using a scarf. Then remove it in the morning. So easy! If you’ve felt stuck with your natural hair then now is the time to try this look. You’ll surely love it!

Some women do not enjoy their natural hair. But with a new look, you can surely appreciate the hair that God has given you. Your natural hair requires some hair care products. However, some of these products may work on other people but not on you. That’s fine since you’ll probably discover something that will ultimately work for you. Going natural is probably one of the best choices that you’ll make. So learn to embrace your curly hair or long lemonade braids.


Raissa Diaz is a freelance hairstylist for a long time. Her expertise started as she was fascinated with hairstylists in a salon. She continues to become more adept in her field and enjoys her free time sharing her knowledge through articles.

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