37 Epic Mohawk Braids for Black Men and Women You Shouldn’t Miss


Mohawks Braids hairstyles, a symbol of excellence and gratifying hair trend is worn by millions of people across Europe, America, and Africa. Irrespective of color, race, and ethnicity, mohawk braids are worn for achieving flawless beauty and glamour. Enormous designs, textures, braiding patterns, fade effects and other characteristics of these braided hairstyles have made people spellbound for years. Mohawks braids hairstyles are basically a combination of the wild mohawk and gorgeous braids.  Men, women, kids and even toddlers can wear these on-trend hairstyles.

In this article, we will present some spanking mohawk braids hairstyles for both black men and women. The collected images are reacted most by the users of social media. Our aim is to get you the right and perfect hairstyle idea from millions of designs of mohawks. Besides, we have arranged some precious technical information about these hairstyles which you must know to pick the suitable one for you. So, keep scrolling till the end and get your desired hairstyles for the given models.

What are Mohawk Braids?

Well, they are not radical hairdo. It is actually a combo of Mohawk and Braided hairstyles. With the great features of Mohawk and braid, the braided mohawk or the mohawk braids hairstyles are introduced.

Mohawks are crazy haircuts and hairstyles which are being used decades ago. This hairstyle has a wild shaved look by the side of the head. Sometimes the sides are not shaved but tapered. On the other hand, the vertical central part of the head is covered with different types of curls, hair, patterns, textures and so on.

On the contrary, the braided hairstyle implies all hairdos with the braids. Most of the cases, the braided hairstyles mean the cornrows braids, box braids, tribal braids, dreadlocks braids, faux locks braids, goddess braids, etc. The fun thing about the braids is that the braids are versatile, diversified and flexible enough to get blended in any type of hairstyle, hair pattern, hairdos, and haircuts.

As a whole, the braided mohawk hairstyles are just putting the braids in the mohawks styles. There, the sides are shaved as usual like the mohawks and the central vertical line is braided. That’s what we are gonna talk about in today’s discussion.

History of Mohawk Braids.

Mohawk braids combinedly have no such mentionable history. But the Mohawk has some historical interest. Although there are several opinions regarding the Mohawk hairstyles, we have picked the most recognized opinion for you.  The mohawk hairstyles have been named after the Mohawk tribe. It is said that the Mohawk tribe was bellicose and unbeatable on the battlefield. In that time, they innovated a new hairstyle called “scalp lock” which is named as “Mohawks” in the modern period. The main purpose of these hair designs was not letting the enemies take their hair as a trophy on the battlefield. So, whatever the original history be, the mohawk is now a Cool trend in the world of hairstyles, especially for the African American black people.

Mohawks with Coils
Image Source: @LisaWhite

How to Braid Mohawk?

Mohawk hairstyles are not self-do hairstyles. Most of the hairstyles of mohawks require a stylist to help and get the hairstyle done. But in case of some braided Mohawks or mohawk braids, you may make it of your own. The Dutch braids or the French braids can be made with self-competence. The video below will clear it out, how to make a mohawk braid hairstyle.

Mohawk Braids Ideas for Black Men

Let’s start with the black men. Mohawk braids are universal and used widely across the world. But the African American black men look best with these royal braiding hairstyles. So, let’s start with them.

#1 Tiny Mohawk Braids with Beads

Look at him. He has got a mohawk with beads and medium spikes. The side portion is braided with zigzag pattern with tiny little braids and the central part is spiked with the medium hair. But the fun part is the beads. You can see the green, yellow and pink beads decorated by the sides of the braids. To be honest, they are the true beauty of this hairstyle.

#2 Mohawk with Spiky Curls

Black men hairstyles are the most versatile and diversified hairstyles of all. The only mohawk can be modified and diversified into enormous styles and textures. Here is another great example of cornrows, braids, mohawks, curls and twist outs. And yes, all these elements have made it possible to make this tremendously stunning hairstyle. And during this mohawk craze, you must need one like this.

#3 Mohawks + Dreadlocks Braids + Beards for Black Men

Here comes one of the most used and popular mohawk hairstyles of the African American black men. This hairstyle consists of dreadlocks braids, mohawk style, and beards. And you already can see the stunning effect of it. It’s an era of new fashion ideas and we think this one is a masterpiece of modern hair fashion.

Mohawks + Dreadlocks Braids + Beards for Black Men
Mohawks + Dreadlocks Braids + Beards for Black Men
Image Source: @Justbest

#4 Mohawk with Braided Ponytail

Everyone of Ponytails, braids and Mohawk style are individually masterpiece. In this hairstyle, these three elements are combined to make another one. Men who want a different, unique and postmodern hairstyle marked with the trend can try this awesome hairdo. Trust me, you will look no less than a king of fashion with it.

Mohawk with Braided Ponytail
Mohawk with Braided Ponytail
Image Source: @JoeShmoe

#5 Mohawk Braids with Long Spikes

The more variety and uniqueness you add to your hairstyle and haircut, the more you look smart, confident and handsome. In the image below, you will see the postmodernization of these hairstyles for the black men. There the sides of the head are shaped as mohawk rule and the center is spiked with long natural hair. For me, it is one of the coolest hairstyles I have ever seen.

#6 Long Dreadlocks Braids and Mohawk

Dreadlocks and mohawks have a very close relation. That’s why you will find their combination everywhere. But a mohawk hairstyle with long dreadlocks is really rare. And if you get some tattoos, that will enhance and elaborate your appearance and hairstyle. Just like the image below, you can try it too to make yourself this attractive to all.

#7 Thick Dreadlocks Braid

Like the previous one, here is another great option of mohawk hairstyle with thick dreadlocks braids to avail in this big season. These type of hairstyles will always increase your personality and make you the center of attraction wherever you go. So, to make yourself a real man, you can try it out.

#8 Cornrows Braided Mohawk

For black men, cornrows are the most influential hairstyle of all time. And with cornrows, you can try a wide range of hairstyles with curls, braids, straight hair, synthetic hair, etc. In the same way, cornrows and Mohawk have a great combination. The African American black men can wear the combination of cornrows braids and the Mohawks at the same time just like the image below.

#9 Twistout and Mohawk

This one is a new idea in the arena of mohawks. The twisted braids along with the mohawk patterns can turn the impossible into possible. In this hairstyle, the sides are as shaved as the mohawks and the central part of the head is decorated with vertical twisted braids or short twists. And as a whole, it is one of the trendiest hairstyles among the black men.

Twistout and Mohawk
Twistout and Mohawk
Image Source: @ErvinJ

#10 Box Braids Mohawk

Box braids are awesome as always. Unlike other braided hairstyles, box braids have awesome flexibility, multi-usability, and versatility. Box braids can cope with ay hairstyle in the world. And that’s why the box braids are called the royal branding system. However, here you can see how the box braids are applied with the mohawk pattern.

Box Braids Mohawk
Box Braids Mohawk
Image Source: @Modern Hairstylers

Mohawk Braids for Black Women

Women of any ethnic background can wear the mohawks and the mohawk braided hairstyles. Here we will now present the popular mohawk braids hairstyles for the African American Black Women. Enjoy…

Goddess Braids Mohawk

Mohawks allow us to use different textures and structures of braids. So, the goddess braid is a great choice for making mohawk hairstyles. Goddess Mohawk Braids hairstyles are a cornrow-inspired hairstyle with which you can apply different colors and accessories. In this hairstyle, the lovely braids are colored blonde and glittering beads are added to gain perpetual enchantment

Double Braids Cornrows with Mohawk

Having more than one long thick braids is an awesome fact. The more braids you have the more you have the chance to impress someone. And you know, the thick braids have the most astounding effect of all. Hereby, you can make the following hairstyle for yourself to get the beauty and effect of mohawks and multiple braids at the same time.

Double Braids Cornrows
Double Braids Cornrows
Image Source: UN-RULY

Cornrows Braids, Havana Twists, and Mohawk Style

Blondish Havana twists, cornrows braids, and Mohawk have the great power to anything. The image below is an example of that. You will get side cornrows, Mohawk and the gorgeous pile of Havana twisted brads with this magnificent hairstyle. If you are getting yourself ready for a party od social gathering, this one should be your prime priority.

Cornrows Braids, Havana Twists and Mohawk Style
Cornrows Braids, Havana Twists and Mohawk Style
Image Source: @boobabe1202

Tuck and Roll Mohawk

With tucking and rolling your hair with a mohawk, you can create majestic hairstyles like this. The Mohawk, braids and the tuck and roll pattern have been blended perfectly in this hairstyle to get yourself ready for any special event or a night out on the town. We call it as of the perfect black women hairstyles, what do you think?

Braided Bantu Knots with Mohawk

Knots, I mean the Bantu knots create a heavenly effect on any hairstyle you put it in. Moreover, Bantu knots can be made with braids too. As we are discussing and showing the greatest mohawk hairstyles with braids, we can not just ignore this one. Here you will get immense glamour and stun with the mohawk inspired braided Bantu knots.

Braided bantu Knots with Mohawk
Braided Bantu Knots with Mohawk
Image Source: @Adjias

Mohawk with Braided Updo

Updo hairstyles have great adjusting features with mohawks and braids. The updo hairstyles are simply available with natural hair, curls, and braids. And hereby the braided updo hairstyles is applied with the mohawk style. Braids, Mohawks, and Updo combinedly have made this possible. This hairstyle is greatly recommended for you if you are going out to the night town to attend something special.

Dutch Mohawk Braids

While talking about the mohawk braids, the Dutch braids cannot be ignored. You can use Dutch braids, French braids or fishtail braids to make awesome mohawk braiding hairstyles like this one. These braids are mainly used by the white girls of Europe and America, but you have complete right to have one like this as your next hairdo.

Blonde Highlighted Dutch Braids with Mohawk

Here’s another Dutch braid idea with Mohawk pattern for you. The Side Cornrows, Blonde fishtail, and mohawk patterns have been blended in to make this awesome hairstyle for you. These braided mohawks can be worn irrespective of color and ethnicity. So, whatever ethnicity you have, enjoy this eternal beauty.

Braided Curly Mohawk with Crochet Patterns

The African American women hairstyles cannot be thought without the presence of od curls or crochet braids. In the case of Mohawk braid hairstyles, the necessity and demand of curls are also cannot be ignored. crochet curls make any hairstyle perfect and up to date. Likewise, you can make your braided mohawk hairstyles with the lovely blonde highlighted crochet curls. The image below shows the majestic features of it.

Braided Curly Mohawk
Braided Curly Mohawk
Image Source: @jj

Braided Mohawk (Frohawk) with Locks,

Mohawks, Mohawk Braids or Frohawks (another version of Mohawk) are also used greatly for the African American black wedding. The below image shows a black wedding hairstyle. The bride with this hairstyles will be enchanting and attractive just like the women in the image. The blondish color, the mohawk updo, and the braids combinedly have made this possible. And one more thing, you can . around with the color, design, and texture if you are going to have this hairstyle for you too.

Why Use Mohawk Braids?

Mohawks are wild and crazy and when you add the flavor of the braids with them, you will get a delicious and enchanting hairstyle. Every hairstyle has its own flavor, design, pattern, and effect for which that particular hairstyle is liked and worn by all. And so do the mohawk braids. There are certain features that differentiate these hairstyles form others. Let’s find out the reasons behind the immense popularity of it.

  1. Mohawk braids hairstyles give you the opportunity to test the flair or every braid type like box braids, cornrows braids, Havana twisted braids, faux locks, dreadlocks braids and many more. As a result, you can enjoy a variety of braiding pattern with the lovely mohawk style.
Blonde Dreadlocks with Mohawk
Blonde Dreadlocks with Mohawk
Image Source:@ Rebecca
  1. Mohawks are normally informal hairstyles that cannot be taken to the corporate offices, schools, and workplaces. But some of the braided mohawks like the Dutch braids or French braids will allow you to wear them in formal places.
  1. They are a great option for getting yourself ready for a date, tour, and vacation. And during the summer seasons, you will get some extra privileges with the braided mohawks as they reduce the load of hair which comes in the name of fashionable hairstyle.
  1. Mohawks make you noticeable among many. To present yourself as a confident, smart and reliable, you may try the Mohawk with braids. Besides giving you flawless beauty and perfection, these braided hairstyles will make you presentable.
  1. Nowadays, people around the world are too much busy. As a result, most of them want a hairstyle with beauty and smartness but of low maintenance. I will say these braided mohawks are one of the lowest maintenance hairstyles among them. After getting the mohawk braids done for the first time, you need a little time regularly to care for it. And to be honest, it is one of the best reasons for which the Mohawk braids trend are on the rise.
Afro Inspired Braided Mohawk
Afro Inspired Braided Mohawk
Image Source: @ africanamericanhairstyling


Where there are braids, cautions come normally. Braided hairstyles have some general rules and regulations which must be followed. To prevent your scalp, infection and natural hair damage you should abide by the rules. Just do not use the braids for more than 4-5 weeks, undo and redo regularly, take care of the braids with hair care products and your braids will be fine and so do the mohawk braids. These simple cautions can make you look more beautiful, smarter and fashionable.

Fishtail Braid with Mohawk
Fishtail Braid with Mohawk
Image Source: @ africanamericanhairstyling


After the long discussion, we have hardly anything to conclude. We have arranged a lot of mohawk braids with much more technical information. We hope, this discussion will answer everything about what you should know about it. Now, you have to pick the one best for you and get that done. To get more hairstyle ideas, stay tuned with us. Inspire us by putting your valuable comments in the comment box if you have enjoyed this discussion.



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