39+ Popular Vintage Hairstyles to Rock this Summer

Styles come and go, just like vintage hairstyles. What goes around comes around. If you want to add a vintage touch in your style then you don’t have to spend too much money on retro clothes and shoes. All you need is to upgrade your style to make you look classy and fabulous. Vintage hairstyles radiate femininity and glamor that are unrivaled. The essence of this style are waves, coiled locks, upswept rolls, and bangs. Although it may look a bit complicated with some practice, you can easily become an expert of this. Take note that what matters most is to have a clean finish and make sure to have a polished look, to look your best at all times.

Retro hairstyles are made popular by popular movies and TV shows such as The Great Gatsby, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, and others. A vintage hairstyle can make you look unique. Most girls are greatly inspired by the hairstyles of their favorite celebrities and singers. Below is a list of the most amazing vintage hairstyles that can make you look fabulous just like the celebrities and singers from the previous decade. Nowadays, there are a lot of celebrities who are rocking these retro styles including Cara Delevigne, Rita Ora, and even Dutchess Kate.

37 Stunning Easy Vintage Hairstyles

1. 1950s Vintage Hairstyles


This Victory curls really look elegant and will take you back in time.

2. Vintage Hairstyles For Long Hair


Vintage hairstyles will never go out of style. It’s interminable and will always be a favorite among famous celebrities and fashion icons.

3. Vintage Curls


Whether you want to have a completely vintage look or perhaps add a retro effect on your current hairstyle, these curls are just perfect.

4. 1940s Hair Roll


Vintage hairstyles can be matched with an elegant gown and an impressive makeup to make you look more feminine and classic.

5. Classic Vintage Hairstyles


Any girl can look stylish and casual in a vintage hairstyle.

6. Vintage Hairstyles for Glamourous Women


Vintage hairdos are well known for its femininity and glamor.

7.  Vintage Hairstyles Wedding


This is the modern version of finger waves which became popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

8. Vintage Hairstyles For Curly Hair


Retro hairstyles have remained trendy because it can make women feel beautiful.

9. Vintage Hairstyles Updo


If you want to have a vintage haircut then it’s best to match it with vintage fashion.

10. Gibson Roll


Originally posted by bridalmusings

The Gibson roll was first introduced by the Gibson girls in the 1890s. It was revived in the 1940s.

11. Easy Vintage Hairstyles


This classic hairstyle is very easy to do. Simply tie a bandana around your hair to alter your look into a vintage style.

12. Rolled Fringe Vintage Style


To create this retro style, just comb your hair back and make a rolled fringe in front then wrap it around with a bandana.

13. Short Vintage Hairstyles


If you want to revive the 1940s look then make two loose chignons at the back and create two gigantic sides reverse rolls at the front.

14. Retro Waves


The epitome of vintage glamor is having long and ample hair. In order to make your hair look massive and beautiful, simply use a volumizing shampoo along with some blow drying techniques.

15. Diy Vintage Hairstyles


To create an ample of long loose waves, simply use iron in curling your hair then use a paddle brush.

16. Modern Vintage Hairstyles


To achieve a bouffant updo look, simply pull all your hair up to create a bouffant.

17. Vintage Short Hairstyles


The bumper bangs hairstyle is the iconic hairstyle of the 1950s famous model and actress, Bettie Page.

18. Bridal Vintage Hairstyles


This is a vintage-inspired French twist with some stunning hair accessories in front.

19. French Twist Braids


This braid is not that difficult to create and it’s very beautiful too!

20. Vintage Hairstyles With Bangs


The hair flip style is such a fabulous style trend during the 1960s. Just flip the ends of your hair and you can become a cast member of “Mad Men.”

21. Vintage Wedding Hairstyles


This half updo hairstyle is made famous by 1960s French actress and sex symbol, Brigitte Bardot. This is truly one of the most inspiring vintage hairstyles for women all over the world.

22. Long Vintage Hairstyles


Brigitte Bardot usually wears her hair all the way down. Sometimes she wears it in a chic messy style.

23. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle


When we think of Bardot’s hairstyle, we are always reminded of her half-up hairstyle with curtain bangs. She usually wears it with a bow, but the most exemplary one is the beehive look.

24. Pigtails


The pigtails style is another remarkable look from Brigitte Bardot. What’s so amazing about it is that she uses ribbons in securing her hair. To make it more adorable she turns it into bows. Isn’t it cool?

25. Vintage Updo Hairstyles


Vintage updos are perfect for any formal events. It’s a nice way of spicing up your casual look.

26. Vintage Long Hairstyles


The Old Hollywood waves is an upgrade of the famous 1920s finger waves.

27. Vintage Prom Hairstyles


One of the most popular vintage hairstyles for short hair is pixies. It can look great on girls who have oval shape faces and is commonly sported by trendsetters.

28. Marilyn Monroe Curls


This is another vintage hairstyle that looks great on short hair. To generate this look, you need a hairspray, curling iron, and some clips.

29. Vintage Inspired Hairstyles


The finger waves hairstyle originated in the 1920s. It’s a bit challenging to recreate for beginners, however, it’s really worth the effort once it’s accomplished.

30. Vintage Bob Hairstyles


The Low Side Parted Wavy Bob is one of the best vintage hairstyles for a wedding. The bold side part adds a touch of femininity to the overall style.

31. Vintage Ponytail


We really love this retro ponytail since it is voluminous!

32. High Ponytail


This is a versatile hairstyle that is very easy to create.

33. Wavy Bob


The waves are evocative of the finger waves, however, it is a bit loosened.

34. Elegant Vintage Updo


Beehives commonly remind us of the 1960’s secretary with extremely long and finely manicured fingernails.

35. Faux Bob


This vintage look will make you look trendier.

36. Retro Bun Hairstyle


Adding a retro style to your look can make you look glitzy. Just create a high bun and adorn it with an attractive headband.

37. Messy Bandana Hairstyle


It is a fact that curly hair is rowdy and most often very annoying. If you want to huddle all your hair then try this messy updo hairstyle and embellish it with a vintage bandana.

How To Do Vintage Hairstyles

The Beehive hairdo is made popular by classic stars such as Audrey Hepburn and others. Now, it’s making a comeback in red carpets, tarot readings, movies as well as in popular shows such as Mad Men.

Step One: Add some texture to your hair by spraying it with a thickening lotion.
Step Two: Get your teasing brush and backcomb your hair.
Step Three: After teasing the entire hair, gather all the strands and twist it towards the scalp. Use hair pins to secure it.

If you could travel back in time, which decade would you choose? Most often this is based on your lifestyle, music and most importantly your fashion. Some want to go back to the 1920s due to its social, cultural and artistic influences. This is also the decade of finger waves. The 1950s is also a great decade due to its amazing fashion options and the rise of the bouffant hairstyles.

Regardless of what decade you’d opt for, it will be evident on what you wear. Vintage hairstyles are a great match for your vintage outfits. With the help of curling irons, you can achieve the style that you desire.


Brooke Samwell works as a fashion assistant for a beauty magazine. A wide rider and self-taught beauty enthusiast, she also loves to test and review products ranging from makeup and hair to body and wellness. On the side, she writes for Beautified Designs.

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39+ Popular Vintage Hairstyles to Rock this Summer

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