4 Beauty products you’re using wrongly
4 Beauty products you’re using wrongly

We are not here to tell you what to do, but we do want to help you live your best life. Sometimes that means shattering everything you thought you knew into tiny pieces. It’s not because we want you to feel dumb, but we want to pass on our beauty knowledge.

Granted, if you currently do something that works for you, keep on keeping on! However, there are some beauty products you might not be using in the best way. Check them out.

  1. Bobby pins

If you’ve ever put a . in your hair only for it to fall out, you know it can be incredibly frustrating. They never seem to stay in place, do they? That’s because you’ve been putting them in upside-down. The squiggly part should go against your scalp, not the flat side. The bumps create more grip so your style won’t fall out. Want extra hold? Spritz hairspray on your . first.

  1. Eye cream

Many people apply eye cream too aggressively. The skin around the windows to your soul is very thin and sensitive! Be nice to it. When you apply eye cream, you don’t need a lot, and you should use your ring finger to dab it in.


Put down the face scrub. Exfoliants should only be used two or three times a week. Whether you’re using a scrub or a brush like a Clarisonic, over-exfoliating can cause damage to your skin from severe dryness to tears. Plus, when you exfoliate too much, your skin can start over-producing oil to compensate, leading to breakouts.

  1. Makeup sponge

Sponges are great makeup tools, especially when used correctly. If you’re rocking a dry makeup sponge, you’re doing it wrong. Thoroughly wet your sponge, and squeeze out any excess water. Pour foundation or concealer onto the back of your hand, and gently dab the sponge to pick up product. Then bounce your sponge on your face to build up coverage in stages. This will lead to a much more natural and long-lasting finish.


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