Dating is a tiring process. And a judgmental one. So to cope with the hassle that comes with a first date, people have come up with some little white lies to make themselves look better, or to gently let the other person down. INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby tell us the 4 lies people tell on a first date

1. Lying about not going on many dates, or telling someone that they’re the first one you’ve talked to in a long time. Essentially, any line that sounds close to, “I don’t do this often”.

2. Saying you have an early morning or a busy weekend. Nope, just want to get out of there so you can do something less boring like hang out with your cat and watch TV.

3. Saying you’re full at a restaurant, or ordering something that you don’t really want to eat. The sad and unfulfilling feeling of eating only a salad when you’re actually in the mood for some swallows.

4. Pretending that you don’t kiss on the first date. Maybe it’s to . coy because you really like a guy, or maybe it’s because you don’t want to kiss him at all.



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