You are a good woman, he is a good man, but still cheats…. have you considered reasons that are responsible for this. If it has less to do with her and more to do with him, then what is the problem Below, we have list four reasons or patterns of behavior that explain why men may still cheat

1. Men are poor communicators in relationships.

He’s an Ace in many areas, but when it comes to understanding his own feelings and then effectively communicating his feelings with you, he gets an F. If he wants more couple time, s*x or spice in the relationship, chances are he’ll try to talk to you about it a few times, but he will quickly loose patience, become resentful, and justify having to go outside the relationship.

2. Men have affairs due to their own insecurities.

They have a great relationship, she is gorgeous and they have a great s*x life — yet he STILL sees other women. In this case, his cheating has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the 6 inches between his head. He feels insecure in one away or another and needs to prove to himself that ‘he’s still got it’ by seeing other women.

3. Men try to avoid conflict in a relationship.

Conflict avoidance is another example of his inability or unwillingness to communicate. Rather than discussing his feeling or needs with you, he’ll choose not to ‘rock the boat’ and instead dodge uncomfortable discussions, questions or hurt feelings and simply seek out another women to compensate for what he feels is missing in your relationship.

4. Men look for the path of least resistance.

From his perspective, it makes little sense to upset you or your relationship by bringing up heated topics. After all, he has to live with you and deal with any negative ramifications for days or weeks.

He rationalizes that instead, he can find a physical relationship on the side to get the small piece of what he’s missing in his real relationship. In his mind this is a win-win. He remains happy because you’re happy and unaware that there is a problem. Life is good and continues on as usual for him, as long as you don’t find out.

Women, you are not always the reasons men cheat, cut yourself some slack and resolve not to have high blood pressure. Just . your own role and . it well.


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