A recent study claims that even fiercely independent women would sometimes love to be pampered by the right man. So, don’t try to be harsh with yourself by keeping your man at a distance whenever he tries to open the door for you or get some gifts for you. Being independent has so many other meanings. You can live up to all those meanings but when it comes to the pampering part, let your man do his thing. It keeps him happy and it will also help you in many ways. Also, as you go further in your relationship, you will love being taken care of by a man. Don’t worry; you can still have the ‘independent’ tag on you and you can still enjoy the freedom, and the liberty that this tag gets you. Yes, men love dating an independent woman for so many other reasons

1. It Makes Him Feel Good Whenever he pampers you even in a small way, he feels good about it. If you don’t let him pamper, he may miss that ‘high’ that he gets when he does something for you.

2. You Can Enjoy Life Better, Why not? When you have a man around doing things for you, don’t you feel better? Well, don’t look at that as dependence. Treat it as an incentive of being in a relationship.

3. Men Love To Take Good Care Of Women Any man would like to treat his woman well and help her in every step of life. In fact, men’s reward systems are designed in such a way by nature. And of course, it is good for women because men will go to any extent for women only because of that reward systems in their minds.

4. It Helps Him Demonstrate His Love Towards You If you never let a man do anything for you, he will never get a chance to show his love through his actions and You will only see his love through words and not in his actions. So let him prove it through his actions. Why deprive yourself of such a luxury?


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