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4 Sex Tips To Blow His Mind Tonight



Wanna know what can make you irresistible to your man? From adding a bit a glamour to your look to forgetting your knickers and sending him short frisky videos, there are tons of ways to get your man revved up and ready to go. Girls, > are 5 simple spontaneous s*x tips that will Blow His Mind.

Always speak out during s*x or foreplay

Women who are spoken in bed send men to the moon. Letting your man know that you’re enjoying yourself and that he feels amazing is a pretty simple way to turn him on. Don’t be shy about letting go of your inhibitions. Let loose, tune everything out and let the sensations take over your body. Tip: Dig your finger nails into his back or scratch him lightly to pull him closer. This is sure to get him revved up.

Wear bright red lipstick

 There’s just something oh-so-sexy about a women with a crimson lip and the men we spoke to about it fully agreed. Pop on a beautiful scarlet shade and watch your lips take centre stage as your man’s kept dreaming of all the places he’d love to have them.

Ditch the undies 

‘Forgetting’ to put your panties on when your out and about with you beau is a sure way to make him hot with excitement. All he’ll be thinking is how much he wants you right then and there. (Better hope there’s somewhere near for a quickie.) Tip: wear a dress for easy access.

Strut your stuff in the sexiest lingerie

Men love lingerie just as much as you do! Ditch the ordinary day wear and put on your steamiest Angels’ set. Even better, why not surprise him with his fave home cooked dinner, wine and YOU for dessert? Trust, he won’t even know what hit him.

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