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4 Things You Should Look For In A Husband That No One Tells You AboutZUMI

When you think of the ideal husband, there are a few buzzwords that come to mind – love, stability, spirituality, morality, etc. But you may be too focused on that that you completely ignore these other major attributes:
1. Self-esteem

Here’s the thing, a man with a low self-esteem will always need to seek approval from friends and other people outside your marriage. Sometimes, this will affect you as his wife because you may not always come first. If he has friends that are unfaithful, for instance or someone he looks up to does certain dangerous things, it’s likely he will join the bandwagon because he’s not confident enough to say no. Watch out for men who constantly need your approval or other people’s. Avoid guys who take too long to make a decision because they are waiting to see what their friend does.

2. Kindness

This is not the same as him loving and caring for you. A good husband should be kind to everyone around him. He should not pick and choose who he’s kind to. Why? He can always pretend to be good to you but if he’s an unkind person deep down, he will very likely show his true colors to you someday. And it might be too late.

4 Important Things You Should Look For In A Husband That No One Tells You About


3. Optimism

Here’s the thing, life will always hand you tough times. It’s during these times that you find each other’s true character. And it is then that you need a husband that is optimistic. This will manifest in such attributes as having a sense of humor, being grateful for the things he has and being steadfast in the belief it will get better. When a man gives up too easily, the littlest problems can cause him to look in dangerous places for a solution.

4 Important Things You Should Look For In A Husband That No One Tells You About


4. Self-expression

Sadly, in this part of the world, men are not raised to talk about their feelings but this does not mean they don’t have emotions. A husband capable of expressing how he feels will make things more straightforward for his wife. You don’t have to guess or . mind games for you to connect with him. This is not a common attribute and for some men, it’s a learned trait. But if you find one who can emotionally express himself, it should certainly be a plus.

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