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4 Things You Should Probably Lie To Your Husband About

A relationship is based on honesty and trust, sure. But sometimes, the things you don’t reveal can be almost as important as the things you do talk about.

So, while you may not want to lie to your husband, there are a few instances where honesty just isn’t the best policy.

When you don’t like his family/friends

Of course, the hope is that you do get along with your in-laws and others that are important to your man. But sometimes, you just don’t like them, which is cool. If this is the case, then it’s probably one information you should keep to yourself. He doesn’t need to know that you find his mother annoying or his friend unintelligent. He won’t kick these people out of his life. And as long as you can peacefully coexist with them, he doesn’t need to know how you really feel.

4 Things You Should Probably Lie To Your Husband About

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When you get hit on

You’re still smoking hot and working it, but this may be one of those things you lie to your husband about. He doesn’t need to know that some guy is interested in you. You may know that you aren’t going to do anything about it, but just feel good in knowing you still got it. No need to rub it in your partner’s face as it may be interpreted in a way you did not intend.

You find certain people attract

It’s all fun and games to say Idris Elba is your crush but you probably shouldn’t announce it when the person who you are attracted to hits to close to home. It does not help anyone to tell him you find his brother or friend handsome. Again, it may be harmless to you but chances are, he won’t see it that way.

4 Things You Should Probably Lie To Your Husband About

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He’s not the best you’ve ever had

You may want to lie to your husband about this as well. We get that you absolutely enjoy being intimate with him, but if you start to compare him with your ex to his face, it won’t do anyone any good. So what if he isn’t the biggest? As long as he’s doing it for you, there’s no need to share that info.

In other news, you may want to find out about this lie that every woman has told at one point in her life.

Would you or have you told any of this lie to your husband? Comment below and share what you think.






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