We are falling for shapes like it is elementary school all over again!

Fashionista, Derin Odugbesan probably has a wide closet with vast numbers of clothing and shoes. There’s a particular one she wears that gets us all the time. It tickles our fancy!

The white geometric heels from Jacquemus is definitely our favourite from her collection and it gets us everytime she steps out in it. We are definitely in shoe crush mode. Let’s run it down!

Look 1

This is probably the best of all. Derin did style our favourite accessory with a polka dot patterned Adire set from Rè Lagos. We love the mix of colours and the matching colour medium sized clutch!


Look 2

Derin is casually chic in a black shift dress with floral patterns. She then opted for an oversized clutch to make more statement. Simple yet classy!


Look 3

Fun and flirty was the aim as Derin paired our heavenly accessory with a monostrap stripe dress with scallop layers. The clutches did get ditched and purses took charge.


Look 4

A mix of casual and corporate is why we love this look so much. Derin did style a pant suit with. a round neck tee and again our favourite heels.

We must profess that she did look good all the time. For that reason, we are leaving it to you to decide. Which one looks the best?

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