Yoruba guys, popularly called yoruba demon are the MVP in vogue.

You could identify them by their attire; a “danshiki” native outfit and cap, and some could add an “agbada” to make the look complete.

The usual trademark of the yoruba demons is moving in flock like a pack of wolves out for a hunt.

Recently, ladies of class and styles have raised alarm on the rate at which these yoruba demons break hearts, they would date dupe, ebiere, monica, ayishat, yewande, moji all at the same time, while feigning to be in an exclusive relationship with each of them, without breaking a sweat.

Some even go to the extent of introducing you to their folks, dissipitating every iota of doubt from the mind of unsuspecting prey. Enough said, so how do you identify a yoruba demon, even when he is not adorned in his full regalia.

1.He refuses to pick calls when he is with you , be careful, it might be be other chicks calling him. You could gently tell him to pick his calls while you listen to his response

2. YOU manage to Snoop through his phone without a single text message on his phone. Trust me BAE has successfully wiped them away. Yoruba demons . smart, dont be fooled.

3. His words are not consistent with his actions. He tells you he could kill a lion for you, but does not even give a hoot when you carrying some damn heavy bags. You just have to carry them by yourself. Yoruba demons are not that nice.

4. You have been dating for a minimum of 5 years, but he has not popped the question. Yoruba guys wont manage to propose to a girl that he has not certified to be a wife material.

Dear girls, what are you waiting for? Ask him what he needs from you, ask him when he intends setting down, If he is not specific, my dear…… run!



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