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Ankara Styles

40 Irresistible And Smashing Designs You Should Own




Ankara styles are here to stay, why not join the train and look stylish in different amazing styles.

Not decided on what style to sew next, then check out the Ankara look book put together just for you.

See more photos below:

Ankara2 Ankara1 Ankara Ankara15 Ankara14 Ankara7 Ankara5 Ankara13 Ankara12 Ankara6 Ankara4 Ankara11 Ankara10 Ankara9 Ankara8 Ankara19 Ankara18 Ankara17 Ankara16 Ankara23 Ankara22 Ankara21 Ankara20 Ankara27 Ankara26 Ankara25 Ankara24 Ankara31 Ankara28 Ankara34 Ankara33 Ankara32 Ankara39 Ankara38 Ankara37 Ankara36

Ankara29 Ankara30 Ankara35

Photo credit – Instagram, Badaskyfashionhouse

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