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41 Quick and Cute Messy Hairstyles (2020 Trends)

You can look cute with a short hairstyle, but you can even look cuter with messy hairstyles. Girls who have thin hair choose this hairstyle because it can make their hair look voluminous. If you want to be unique from the others then you should try these cute messy hairstyles that we’ve gathered for you. After checking out these images, you’ll surely think that they are amazing and will look lovely on you. Select the hairstyle that you desire and try to do it yourself. Be sure to choose the best products for styling. In order to preserve the look, use a good hairspray.


Want to look hot, stunning and captivating? Well, the secret is just hidden behind the hairstyle that you wear. Sleek and neat hairstyles are attractive but then wearing shaggy layers and loose waves are the ones that can capture a man’s heart. Why do you think men love your bedhead hair? It’s because it can bring out the real beauty in you. Today, we will share you some amazing messy hairstyle ideas that can make you feel beautiful. Each of us has our own inspiration for our hairstyle.  Just like Noah Syndergaard who idolizes Hulk Hogan.

Cute and Messy Hairstyles

1. Bob Cut With Side Bang


Originally posted by hairsend

Julianne Hough wore a simple messy hairstyle where the hair just falls freely.


2. Cute Messy Hairstyles


With messy hairstyles, you can reveal your wild side. It’s all about rock and roll texture with a bit of glamor.

3. Messy Hairstyles For Medium Hair


Getting your hair messy in a deliberate way is the current trend today.

4. Short Messy Hairstyles For Women


You’ll surely adore this style since it’s messy and perfect!

5. Messy Bob Hairstyle With Shaggy Bangs


Originally posted by layered-hairstyles

Waves shine nicely on light brown hair, while the shaggy bangs provide more volume.

6. Messy Hairstyles With Bang


Aside from being trendy, messy bob hairstyles are also convenient and very easy to style.

7. Most Attractive Short Hairstyle


Messy haircuts are popular nowadays and most girls who have short hair want to try it.

8. Messy Blonde Layered Hairstyles


The layered hairstyle and the layered haircut is a great combination.

9. Messy Bun Hairstyles


Blonde hair color looks great with messy hairstyles.

10.  Messy Side Bun


Messy styles are the rough look for weddings.

11. Impressive Messy Bob Hairstyles


In this style, Ashley Benson is taking advantage of her natural waves.

12. Messy Gold Highlight Haircut


Victoria Justice looks great on her messy waves with bright gold highlights.

13. Easy Messy Hairstyle


Messy hair is a trend that works perfectly on girls who have lesser skills in styling.

14. Messy Side Pulled Hairstyle


Angelina Jolie can style her long luscious locks in any way she wants.

15. Untidy Look


Sticking to neat hairstyles for a long time can be boring. Why not try an untidy look for a change.

16. Mila Kunis Hairstyle


This messy ombre style can make you look hot.

17. Messy Hairstyle With Middle Part


One-length style without bangs is ideal for girls with fine hair.

18. Messy Bun Hairstyles


Creating an untidy look may seem simple and easy but it actually requires some skills.

19. Long Layered Haircut with Long Bangs


Bangs can make any girl look younger since it can soften any hairstyle.

20. Short Messy Hairstyles For Women 


This type of style is becoming popular since it can make you look beautiful and classy even with a minimal transformation.

21. Agyness Deyn Messy Hairstyle


A messy hairstyle is fun and easier to create.

22. Messy Bun Trendy Hairstyle


Messy bun hairstyle is best for long hair.

23. Messy Ponytail


Most ponytails look classy and elegant but this one breaks all rules and still looks charming.

24. Runway Hairstyles


In case you want to be unique from the crowd, try this style.

25. Messy Topknot


If you don’t like wearing your hair down then tie it up and wear a headband.

26. Vanessa Hudgens Messy Curly Hairstyle


This style requires a wavy or curly hair.

27. Messy Updo Hairstyle


A plain looking woman can look fanciful and elegant in just a snap by gathering her hair up in a messy way.

28. Blake Lively Messy Wedding Hairstyles


A wedding is a lifetime dream of every girl.  For your big day, you can wear this gorgeous hairstyle.

29. Messy Top Bun


A chaotic top bun can be the center of attraction when attending a party.

30. Half Top Knot


This is an ideal hairstyle if you are rushing to the grocery store.

31. Messy Ombre


This is an effortless hairstyle that can give you a chic look.

32. Messy Curly Hairstyle


You can easily impress other people by your beauty and hairstyle.

33. Medium Haircut With Layers


An excellent messy style for girls with wavy hair looks pretty and casual too!

34. Elegant Prom Hairstyle


Elizabeth Banks’ messy side bun is matched a sleek bang.

35. Cute Messy Hairstyle For Long Hair


With long hair, you can try different hairstyles that you want.

36. Messy Braids


Find a perfect dress that can match your great hairstyle so as to catch everyone’s attention.

37. Short Messy Hairstyles


Sporting a messy hairstyle can make you look unique wherever you go, even with short haircuts.

38. Short Choppy Messy Hairstyles


If you want to create a messy hairstyle, make sure to use good styling products and style it with your hands.

39. Impressive Short Messy Hairstyles


A messy short hairstyle can look great on young girls and grown-up women too! Adding bangs can make it look more superb.

40. Best Long Messy Hairstyles


Side bangs provide a special touch to your long messy hairstyle.

41. Long Messy Hairstyles with Layers


If you have a round face and dark blonde coarse hair then you should try this fabulous hairstyle.

How to create a Messy Hairstyle

Messy hairstyles may look undone but actually, if you look closely, you will realize that there is a unique technique in creating this. For instance, if you want to create a messy bun then try to follow this step by step tutorial:

  • Step One: Gather all your hair without using a comb and create a loose ponytail.
  • Step Two: Divide the hair into two to three groups. Tease each section of hair. Doing this will provide more volume and messy texture.
  • Step Three: Divide the teased hair into two groups and create a topknot. Leave some falling strands to create a messy effect. To make sure that it stays in place for hours, use excellent hairspray.

Here is another way of doing it:

A girl’s hair is her crowning glory. A creative hairstyle can really make a difference. Are you tired of having that same plain look? You can look absolutely gorgeous by throwing your hair up and creating messy hairstyles with the help of a professional hair dryer. This style can make you look adorable compared to prom hairstyles if you can style them correctly.


Raissa Diaz is a freelance hairstylist for a long time. Her expertise started as she was fascinated with hairstylists in a salon. She continues to become more adept in her field and enjoys her free time sharing her knowledge through articles.

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41 Quick and Cute Messy Hairstyles (2020 Trends)


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