We have called this meeting today to address some pressing issues. The uncool activities in a typical Nigerian salon are getting out of hand and we have to call them to order!

It was really surprising to find that problems we faced in local salons while growing up still persist today. And according to the people we asked, they never stopped existing.

So, just in case you’re a salon owner or know a salon owner, share this post with them. We’d like to have better experiences when we patronize. Take a look at these timeless problems you know all too well.

1. Bad hygiene

This has got to be number 1 on the list. If you’ve never had a salon attendant bend over your head with his/her armpit directly in front of your face, you’ve been lucky. It’s not for the fainthearted. Naturally, we are tired of having to hold our breath while getting our hair washed.

If you own a salon, simply enforce personal hygiene rules. Get them personal hygiene hampers or ask them to make sure they’re clean. The last thing you want is less customers because of some armpit hair.

2. Awful service

Bad Hygiene, Watching Telemundo & More Nigerian Salon Pet Peeves You Can Relate With


Have you ever been forgotten under the dryer? We have, and we have the roasted tips to prove it. It’s one thing to have to remind your stylist that your hair is almost dry; it’s another to have to take your rollers out yourself. This is especially annoying if she/he is busy watching Telemundo or singing along to music videos on MTV base. This is a hair appointment, not an entertainment special. And don’t even get us started on them getting our clothes wet during the wash. It’s a wash not a bath…we didn’t come here to drown!

3. Watching TV

Speaking of Telemundo, we have a question. Was there at any point a memo that states every salon has to have the station on Telemundo? It’s either Paloma is secretly Diego’s long lost sister or Santiago’s will to his fortunes is missing. And the salon attendant is carried away, eating it all up. Meanwhile the 1 hour we planned to spend at the salon has quickly turned to 3. And if you complain your hair is at risk. She can make you look like a bad art installation if she wants to. So you sit there endure and go to your happy place. Hi Idris!

4. Favoritism

Picture this; you walk into an empty salon and ask to get your hair done. In the middle of it your stylist whispers “Aunty please no vex, stand up, my customer is here.” We can’t count how many times this has happened and it’s so annoying. We admit, we kind of like it when we are the customer that has come, but when the tables have turned, we feel like flipping tables.

Salon owners, just have a customer roster. We think it might be better if we simply have a first come, first serve process. This way you wait your turn and get attended to when it’s time. Does that sound fair?

5. By force treatments

Bad Hygiene, Watching Telemundo & More Nigerian Salon Pet Peeves You Can Relate With


We hardly get this, but when we do, it makes up for all the times we did. From steaming to protein treatments and manicure/pedicure. There is no day we go to the salon where we don’t get talked into one thing or the other. You came for a wash and now you’re getting your nails and toes done and are sitting under the dryer. We just want to go home!

We’re not alone in this and there’s definitely more. So, share them with us. What pet peeves do you have when it comes to the Nigerian salon?


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