5 Beautiful Places To Have A Destination Wedding

To get the perfect picture, you need the perfect place. Even if it requires traveling to that special spot, its worth it.


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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but when nature steps in to spice up that beauty it then lies in the eyes of all. Destination weddings is an incredible experience that is perfect when you travel to a splendid venue. So here are 5 awesome places to travel to for a destination wedding;


This Indonesian Island stands out for its beauty, unique beach side and natural serenity. It is one of the most popular destinations to travel to tie the knot. In beautiful Bali, you’ll find an abundance of picturesque resorts and luxury villas dotted along the coastline, with Seminyak and Canggu being two of the more sought-after locations.

An advantage of traveling here for a destination wedding is that it provides inexpensive ways to plan an overseas celebration. With the ability to take advantage of cheap flights and accommodation, planning a Bali wedding can be an affordable option.

Whether its by the beach side, in a resort, a park, garden, Bali is the place to go, especially between May and August which is a dry season. These months are slightly cooler and experience less rainfall, making them ideal for an outdoor wedding.


This can be said to be the home of beauty. It is just the perfect spot for a destination wedding. Hawaii being a popular holiday spot, provides a variety of options and activities to entertain tourists and also couples. Islands such as Oahu, Kauai and Maui are just some of the beautiful places to choose from, with each location offering something unique.

A huge benefit of hosting a wedding in Hawaii is the ability to take advantage of the package deals offered by the many hotels and resorts, making it an affordable option for couples.

The lush tropical surroundings and warm, friendly culture of Hawaii make it another popular destination for overseas wedding celebrations. With pristine beaches, towering palm trees and breathtaking scenery, there are plenty of Australians flocking to the island to host their big day.

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What better way to have your wedding than to have it in the place that fulfills all your dreams. The idyllic Greek islands is indeed known for it splendor, amazing sunsets, quaint white-washed buildings, cobblestone stairways and stunning ocean views at every turn. Greece is the perfect location for a destination wedding.

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands to say I do, with a dedicated wedding industry helping destination brides plan the perfect celebration. Many of the resorts in Santorini offer wedding and honeymoon packages, and there are many experienced wedding planners.


For incredible weather, stunning views and sun-soaked, tropical beaches, Mexico is another destination wedding favorite. Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are two of the most popular locations when it comes to tying the knot, with beautiful natural backdrops creating the most amazing photo opportunities. This the dream place to travel to. Variety at your finger tips as whatever kind of celebration can be done here.

One of the reasons Mexico is such a great destination wedding location to consider is due to the all-inclusive nature of their hotels and resorts, and the discounted blocks of accommodation on offer. The wedding industry in Mexico is huge, and the pricing options definitely cater towards this. Mexico also experiences pleasant warm weather year-round, although does experience a rainy season between June and October.

New Zealand

This island country possesses majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and stunning landscapes, picture perfect for a destination wedding. From charming vineyards to secluded beaches or mountainous lookouts, there’s no shortage of stunning spots to tie the knot. The high points of this country are super incredible and just perfect make your dream wedding come true.

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