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condom mistakes

Condoms are the most accessible and affordable form of birth control. And not only do they prevent pregnancy, but they also protect both partners from sexually transmitted diseases.

These nifty little latex products are basically awesome and we rely on them to protect our health. However, condoms are not 100 percent effective, especially if you’re not using them correctly. So make sure you avoid these common condom mistakes.

1. Forgetting to check its expiry date

Before use, you need to check the expiration date of the condoms and also make sure the packaging is intact. There should be no tears on the wrapper. It’s even more important to double check if he’s the one supplying the condom. You never know, he may have stashed it in his wallet for months or even years. And when condoms are improperly stored, they can break down, increasing the risk of tear.

condom mistakes

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2. Using two at a time

Some people believe in the ‘two is better than one’ rule but when it comes to condom use but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You may be tempted to use two condoms just in case one breaks but it is, in fact, this method that increases the chances that one (or even both) will break. This is due to the friction created between the two condoms.

3. Wearing it at the wrong time

This is also one of the condom mistakes to avoid. The best time for your guy to put on a condom is after the penis is erect and before it comes in contact with the vagina. If you put it on too late, you may end up picking up an STD. And if he tries to slip the condom on before he’s erect, he may have some trouble with the process.

4. Forgetting to pinch the tip

It’s crucial that there be some space at the tip of the condom to catch the semen. If there’s no space, there is a high possibility of condom breakage when your guy ejaculates because there’s no room for the semen to go. Many condoms are made with a reservoir tip designed for this purpose. As your guy puts on the condom, he should pinch the top to avoid letting air in.

condom mistakes

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5. That post-sex cuddle

When you’re done, it’s normal to want to lie down, intertwined with each other. While this is great, make sure he takes off his condom first. If he lingers inside you, it may slip off his flaccid penis and you will end up with his semen exactly where you didn’t want it. Condoms should be removed right after ejaculation while the penis is still hard.

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