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You enjoy the thrill of wild s*x, so > are 5 crazy s*x ideas to try the next time you are in the mood. The best part about s*x is that isn’t one right way to go about it. Like art, s*x can be both simple and abstract, so get ready to delve into an er*tic adventure.

Record you and your partner having s*x. You have no need to . P0*n off the internet or pay big bucks to order P0*n off-line, when all you have to do is record you and your partner having s*x. If you do pursue this crazy s*x idea, make sure that your partner agrees

Have a foursome. Group s*x is as ancient as beginning of s*x, and as natural as s*x. Nevertheless some people are still appalled . the idea. If your partner is one of these people, that’s okay. All you have to do is set the mood for a foursome to happen. Invite some friends over who you know would enjoy such naughty action, have some booze, and watch a sexy movie. Or, instead of asking her right away, watch a few P0*n movies with there are multiple people having fun, and then try convincing her. There are several ways to get a girl to have multiple s*x fun. You may have to do your research on plausible ways for a girl to agree.

Role .. There is nothing more fun that a little bit of role . action. Wear costumes, change your voice and demeanor. If you really want to spice things up, add a little dirty talk to your role.

Use bondage. Tie your partner up to the chair and tape their mouth. Have the other person strip tease and give a lap dance. Add a little spice to the mix and blind fold your partner and caress their body from head to toe.

Have s*x in a chair. Perhaps you’ve had s*x in the bathroom, tub, couch, and on the floor. If you want a crazy s*x experience, have s*x in the chair.

.: Mademen

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