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5 Danger Signs That He’s Still In Love With His ExZUMI

No one wants to be the rebound girl. You don’t want to be the one he uses to get over his ex. For one thing, rebound relationships hardly ever work because you didn’t get together for the right reasons.

Just because his last relationship has been over for months does not mean he’s over his ex. So if you spot these signs, it’s very likely that he’s still in love with his ex. And in that case, it’s time for you to move on and allow him to nurse his broken heart.

1. She comes up in conversations – a lot

It doesn’t even matter what it’s about. He may be saying something nice or awful about her. The point is that he brings her up a lot. Most people try not to talk about the ex while with the new partner. So obviously, if he cannot stop talking about her, he simply cannot help it. She’s on his mind a lot and you know what they say, out of the abundance of the heart…

2. He can’t let go

Look, there’s no rule that says he cannot be friends with his ex. But if he tells you they just broke up two weeks ago and are now best friends, be wary. It could be that he is not ready to let go yet. It’s also a bigger danger sign if he tells her things before he tells you, or he confides in her much more than he does with you.

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3. It’s too soon

You probably shouldn’t be dating a guy who just ended a relationship two weeks prior anyway. Especially if he was with his ex for a long time. It’s possible that being with you is a distraction from feeling the pain of the breakup. And you really don’t want to be someone’s distraction.

4. He stalks her on social media

He constantly ‘likes’ her page, comments on everything or simply spends an unhealthy amount of time drooling over her Instagram photos.

You cannot have a successful relationship with someone who’s still in love with his ex. And if you’re the one still hanging on to a past relationship, here are some tips on how to remove your ex from your life.

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