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5 Great Home Remedies For Common Cold And Sore Throat

You don’t have to visit your pharmacy for every little ache and pain. In fact, in certain situations, it’s better, safer, and more budget-friendly to go the natural route.

We all suffer the common cold and sore throats from time to time. Usually, these are harmless and they eventually pass. However, you can try some of these home remedies to find relief for your symptoms.

Pepper soup

When you’re feeling congested and miserable, this can offer instant relief. The resulting heat from enjoying a delicious bowl of pepper soup will warm you up from the inside out which is exactly what you need.


According to studies, ginger can help improve symptoms of the common cold such as nausea and sore throat. A few slices of ginger roots in hot water can be soothing.

home remedies for common cold

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This is also one of the best remedies for common cold. Adding honey to lemon tea can help ease a sore throat and other cold symptoms. It serves as an effective cough suppressant as well.

Topical ointments

Your parents were not wrong to apply Robb or similar ointments on your chest to combat a bout of common cold. Doing that helps to open up your air passages and reduce congestion.

Vitamin C

Instead of popping the pills, you can go for more natural .s of Vitamin C such as lemons, limes, oranges and leafy greens. Adding some fresh lemon juice to a cup of hot tea with honey may help reduce phlegm. This may not completely banish your cold but it can provide the boost that your immune system needs to fight it off and prevent future infections.

home remedies for common cold

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