Here is a list of rituals that you should implement in your everyday life to enrich family time and a loving environment.

1.Family dinner

Family dinner used to happen every night, in every family. That was before the days of working moms, a twenty-four hour society (and the constantly changing shift work that comes with it), and the crazy schedule of extra-curricular activities many kids are involved in these days.

2. achievement ritual

Many families have a favorite restaurant they go to when they have something to celebrate. Put a twist on it by incorporating a few things you always do to celebrate an achievement. A small gift or a printable certificate for younger kids works. As they get older it might be something as simple as the child who’s achieved something gets to ride in the front seat of the car.

3. A holiday ritual

Every holiday should have a ritual, and most have quite a few, but they’re very generic: making the Christmas tree, making the Valentine’s cards. Try and develop at least one ritual for each holiday that is unique to your family.

4. A bedtime ritual

Bedtime happens every night and it’s a great time to implement a simple ritual you do together as a family, or that you do with each child. Many parents will read a story or say a prayer with their child before bed, but it could just as easily be a fist bump and saying a “love ya.” That’s a ritual that might even last through the teenage years.

5. A daily ritual

Can you think of one thing you have to do every day that you can make into a daily ritual with your kids? It could be walking with your teen after dinner in your compound, or sorting laundry with your spouse. Make the mundane everyday stuff into lovely little rituals you look forward to.


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