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Ankara Styles

5 Hot Ankara Styles We Love



5 Hot Ankara Styles We LoveLooking good never gets old! Pretty women in pretty Ankara dresses tickle our fancy and yes! we celebrate them.

Turn simple dresses into statement classy pieces with a creative twist, details and of course accessorize!

See some inspiration here!

5 Hot Ankara Styles We Love
Violet Bannnerman (credit via instagram @akosuwa_vee)

Look 1: Stylish Violet slays in her pretty Ankara print dress and oh..the big belt is everything!

5 Hot Ankara Styles We Love
Kayla Oniwo (Credit via Instagram @kaylaoniwo)

Look 2: Kayla is a style stunner! Love the dramatic floor length cape!

5 Hot Ankara Styles We Love
Hamisa Mobetto (Credit via Instagram @hamisamobetto)

Look 3: Who says you ruffles don’t make dresses pretty? Hamisa is definitely slaying in her mini simple dress with ruffle details! 

5 Hot Ankara Styles We Love
Ariyike Akinbobola (credit via instagram @ladyariyike)

Look 4: Mini dresses with an intricate pattern is way to go! Ari is so on point in this dress!

5 Hot Ankara Styles We Love
Credit via instagram @chloethebrand

Look 5: Take my breath with some maxi pieces by Chloe!

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