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5 Ideas For Wedding Reception Decorations On A BudgetZUMI

For many, the wedding really begins at the reception. This is why a lot of thought is put into the wedding reception decorations.

Wedding decorations being so important, they’re also very expensive. But it’s possible to have fun, memorable wedding decor that won’t take all your money. So, here are some wedding reception decorations that you can achieve without breaking the bank.

1. Christmas Lights

We all know what beautiful additions lights can be to any event. However, don’t have to empty your pocket to get those. You can save the lights from your last Christmas and use them. They can be hung from the ceiling, around the tables, and even on the stage.

wedding reception decorations

(Photo: Instagram/lightsupeventslighting)

2. Food

There’s always lots of food at every Nigerian wedding. You can consider putting them on a dis. at different corners of your reception hall. You can also put different fruits on each table with some cake and drinks. You’ll be surprised how the general turnout would look like.

3. Tie Ribbons

Most times, hall decorators use chair covers to beautify the chairs, and that is a beautiful idea. If it comes at an extra cost, you can, however, opt to ditch the covers and tie the chairs with ribbons that match the colour of the day and just make a beautiful bow behind. This will do well for small weddings.

wedding reception decorations

(Photo: DIY Network)

4. Dis. engagement photos

You can decorate your hall with beautiful pictures of you and your spouse. It doesn’t have to be only engagement pictures, you can tell a story around the hall with all the memories you’ve made together. The event is about you two anyway, so indulge yourselves.

5. Flowers

Flowers have been saving decorations since forever. Flowers make a beautiful addition to any space, and they are especially beautiful with outdoor weddings. You can use flowers of a particular colour to compliment the colour of the day.

wedding reception decorations

(Photo: Instagram/loveweddings)

Let’s have memorable weddings this year without breaking the bank. Talking about memorable, here are some marriage quotes you can use for your wedding toast.

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