5 Mistakes We Make in Relationships


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  1. Damn girl we're so Wonder Women's super freaks and badasses twins on so many different ways but amazing to u not alone here in life now ok and be u always to and you down with all browns and other's too love it all u the best in life has to offer too and The Rock and LLCoolJ both can Rock my world too if know what I am saying sis huh???

  2. Was wondering if you ever thought about making a video of your thoughts on long distance relationships? I just seem to watch your videos over and over again whenever things get rough for me. And I would just love your opinion on it.

  3. I really loved the way u have put up everything so simple and at the same time so profound. I feel the same way about relationships.

    The best part about Lilly is all your videos are very different not the same stuff. I always see something new or some new concept you come up with. No wonder you work so hard to come up with new content every time in such short span of time. Keep rocking and I love to watch you videos

  4. There are many "righteous" people in this comment section and i think we need to give some space to the people that are IN these kind of situations. Hey there, you deserve better and i know it's not easy but you can do better boo, love you. Hope i find you in a better place someday.


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