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5 Natural Foods That Can Help You Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the type of cancer that forms in the cells of the breast, the abnormal cells usually cluster together to form a tumour and it is the most common disease diagnosed in women.
It usually starts in the milk-producing gland and it is mostly caused by a genetic mutation in the DNA of breast cancer cells. The Signs of the breast cancer may include: changes in breast size, peeling of breast skin, nipple discharge, redness, frequent armpit pain etc.
Here are the foods that can help you combat breast cancer

1. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are very good at protecting against breast cancer and any other hormone-related cancer because they help to inhibit aromatase which produces estrogen. Mushrooms also contain specialized lectins that recognize cancer cells and have been found to prevent cancer growth in the body. They are best enjoyed when properly cooked with gluten-free oat groats or cooked with vegetable soup.

2. Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and seeds help to promote overall wellbeing, nuts are superfoods that can help anytime on the journey of combating breast cancer. They are rich in fibre, high minerals and healthy fats. Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds are all healthy for the body.

3. Cultured Dairy Products
Cultured dairy products are yoghurt, cottage cheese, goat milk, sour cream, kefir etc. They are a very great . of calcium and it helps to reduce the incidence of breast or ovarian cancer by 60%. Most dairy today is loaded with hormones, antibiotics, pain-killers and pesticide residue so buying organic is also important.

4. Organic Meats
Organic meats such as. beef or chicken liver is good for fighting against breast cancer because they contain vitamin B12. Eating animal proteins help to cleanse the liver and enhance the ability to remove toxins from the blood. Avoid red meats or processed meats because they are a greater likelihood of breast cancer.

5. Berries
Blueberries, black raspberries, cherries and strawberries are easy to find and they are very effective. Taking fresh and unfrozen berries are very good in fighting against cancer cells. Berries are the most beneficial fruits because they contain strong antioxidants that help prevent all cell damage that precedes cancer.
While no single food is guaranteed to keep one cancer-free, shifting your daily meal to include more of these meals can help fight against breast cancer totally.




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