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5 Natural Foods That Can Help You Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the type of cancer that forms in the cells of the breast, the abnormal cells usually cluster together to form a tumour and it is the most common disease diagnosed in women.
It usually starts in the milk-producing gland and it is mostly caused by a genetic mutation in the DNA of breast cancer cells. The Signs of the breast cancer may include: changes in breast size, peeling of breast skin, nipple discharge, redness, frequent armpit pain etc.
Here are the foods that can help you combat breast cancer

1. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are very good at protecting against breast cancer and any other hormone-related cancer because they help to inhibit aromatase which produces estrogen. Mushrooms also contain specialized lectins that recognize cancer cells and have been found to prevent cancer growth in the body. They are best enjoyed when properly cooked with gluten-free oat groats or cooked with vegetable soup.

2. Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and seeds help to promote overall wellbeing, nuts are superfoods that can help anytime on the journey of combating breast cancer. They are rich in fibre, high minerals and healthy fats. Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds are all healthy for the body.

3. Cultured Dairy Products
Cultured dairy products are yoghurt, cottage cheese, goat milk, sour cream, kefir etc. They are a very great . of calcium and it helps to reduce the incidence of breast or ovarian cancer by 60%. Most dairy today is loaded with hormones, antibiotics, pain-killers and pesticide residue so buying organic is also important.

4. Organic Meats
Organic meats such as. beef or chicken liver is good for fighting against breast cancer because they contain vitamin B12. Eating animal proteins help to cleanse the liver and enhance the ability to remove toxins from the blood. Avoid red meats or processed meats because they are a greater likelihood of breast cancer.

5. Berries
Blueberries, black raspberries, cherries and strawberries are easy to find and they are very effective. Taking fresh and unfrozen berries are very good in fighting against cancer cells. Berries are the most beneficial fruits because they contain strong antioxidants that help prevent all cell damage that precedes cancer.
While no single food is guaranteed to keep one cancer-free, shifting your daily meal to include more of these meals can help fight against breast cancer totally.

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The perfect eyebrow for your face shape


Eye brows practically make up the face. By creating a balance ,they frame facial features. Try shaving off your brows,you will most likely look like a disaster. Choosing the perfect brow is choosing one that accentuates your face shape.

Several things need to be considered while aiming for the perfect brow. This include; eyebrow shape, arch height,thickness,arc shape,length and the definition. Overall determining the best eyebrow shape is based on a persons face shape. So getting to know your the shape of your face is the first step to a breathtaking brow.

These assorted face shapes and the required brow to perfectly accent them are;

Oval-shaped face

This is the ideal face shape that is coveted by many. People with this shape can rock practically any brow shape. It is advisable to wear a soft brow with a lower arch. This will flatter your face and ensure that it is the main focus. Beyonce’s soft brows perfectly complement her oval-shaped face.

Image result for beyonce oval shaped face

Pinterest.                Beyonce Knowles

Diamond-shaped face

This particular face shape is not as common as the other face shapes.It is balanced and has sharp corners. The aim here is to make the wide portions on this face less wide.The brow here should be soft and rounded.This will ensure that the focus is away from your features.

Serena williams

The Brag.                 Serena Williams

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Round-shaped face

Ladies with this face should stay away from a rounded shaped brow. To lengthen their face they should create a brow with an arch as high as possible. This will make their face more elongated and less circular.

Image result for queen latifah portrait

Los Angeles Blade Queen Latifa

Long-shaped face

This particular face shape tapers to a narrow oval chin. A flat brow will make your face appear shorter. It should be straight with an extended tail to create width.Go light on brow edges of horizontal line

Kelly Rowland

Cosmopolitan.         Kelly Rowland

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Heart-shaped face

This shape almost looks like the oval shape but it narrows to the chin.  Because it has very delicate features it requires a delicate brow.The arch should be rounded, soft and have a low arch height.

Love Magazine.           Naomi Campbell

Square-shaped face

The square jawline is the most noticeable feature on this face.When drawing the brows,aim is to draw less attention from the jaws to the eyes to soften the angles of your face.The arch should be low and. sharp pointed. If you use a round arch it will look unnatural. The curve will soften the strong features.

Billboard.          Alicia Keys

Every shape is beautiful in its owN way. Just remember to shape your brow according to your face shape to balance and accentuate your  facial features.

. The perfect eyebrow for your face shape . Vibe Yetu.


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anti againg products

Five ways Arimis will improve your skin


The question of how a milking jelly turned into an absolute favourite Kenyan product is an example of one peculiar and innovative habit by Kenyans. Arimis is such a craze and will soon transcend the Kenyan borders. This  milking jelly turned beauty product has been embraced by both men and women of all ages. Kenyans attest to its magical wonders and have incorporated it as part of their skin care routine. Arimis has truly stood the test of time appealing to all skin types.

We tell you why this milking jelly is a crowd favourite.

. image

Skincare fave

There’s a reason Arimis is ‘bae’. Women, especially, have attested their glowing skin to Arimis. The milking jelly is inexpensive and is very accessible. Using it as a daily petroleum jelly leaves your skin soft and supple. The jelly is perfect as it does not irritate the skin and has no overpowering scent.You can also use the jelly right after you have applied your lotion to fully lock in moisture.

Cracked feet? No problem!

Many people with cracked feet are very self-conscious about exposing their feet. Thankfully, dry, rough and cracked feet can be relieved by moisturizing the feet on a regular. Arimis, when applied on the feet, moisturizes them leaving them smooth.  To get the best results, apply it on your cracked feet before getting to bed then put on some socks.

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Anti-aging goodness

Our hands lose moisture so quickly causing them to get dry. As a result, they tend to look wrinkly and old. To get that anti-aging goodness of petroleum jelly,  ensure you carry your Arimis with you and moisturize often. One can use it in place of a hand cream  if you can’t access one.

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Make up remover

The milking jelly can also be used to quickly remove matte lipstick. All you need is to apply it on the lips then use a warm washcloth or tissue to remove the lipstick. It is advisable that right after removing the matte lipstick to moisturize the lips with the jelly. Fascinating right?

Our lips have the most sensitive skin so one needs to moisturize them on a regular. Arimis really does wonders to the lips by moisturizing and softening them. You can also use it to exfoliate your lips by dabbing some Arimis and rubbing them with a cloth in a gentle circular motion. The exfoliation process helps to lift the dead skin and help fade the darker areas that linger around the lips.

You can also use Arimis to remove makeup from your face by applying it then using it a warm dark cloth or tissue to clean it off. However, make sure to cleanse it off properly with a good cleanser.

Substitute make up primer

The jelly can be used in place of a primer in case you run out.  You can apply a considerate amount of jelly on your face then apply your foundation. This will add a protective layer to your skin before applying makeup.


To top it off, here’s a hilarious take on Arimis:

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AN ARIMIS COMMERCIAL WOULD BE LIKE @georgekimani_ @_sharonmwangi

A post shared by Seth Gor (@seth_gor) on





. Five ways Arimis will improve your skin . Vibe Yetu.


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How to style maxi denim skirts


Maxi denim skirts are back with are bang.These full-length skirts were the vogue in the 1970s especially by women with very strict religious observances.

In the streets of Kenya today, you will notice both young and older women rocking these long jean skirts.Needless to say, they look amazing. This trendy style is here to stay.

Below  are 5 ways to style and revamp these skirts for every fashionista:

1.White t-shirt

A simple jean skirt and a white t shirt is the perfect casual ensemble.One can spice up this look by adding accessories .A belt will really come in handy in giving you that cinched waist.

You have to be picky on the fabric of the tee as it can make a world difference to your overall look. Wear this with your favorite flip-flops,flats or a pair of heels.

Image result for how to style your maxi denim skirt

2.Leather jackets

A black leather jacket can do wonders to any attire.Pairing the two together changes the final outlook completely.You can choose to rock some simple sandals with this look and a headscarf just cause you can!


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3.Off-Shoulder tops

These tops are all over the streets in Kenya, going for at least 200 Ksh. Not to exaggerate, most people are opting to even wear them on a daily basis.They are simply chic and trendy.

Pair your maxi denim skirt with your favorite off-shoulder. Adding a head-wrap,necklace and earrings really transforms the final attire.

Denim Button Down High Waist Maxi Skirt

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4.Denim on denim

I know this would be really confusing to the eyes but denim on denim is the new new.This style is for the bold at heart. For a better final touch,keep your denim clothes close so you can mix and match them.One can pair this look with a bright popping heel.

The shade of lipstick you will use will also help break the pattern.Choose a bold lippie and go run the world!

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Its the cold season so pairing your favorite sweater with a full length skirt can be very flattering.The denim skirt should preferably have a slit and should be the perfect fit.Fur sweaters are the most sought after for this look but any sweater would do especially if it flatters your body.


Anybody can rock these maxi skirts and still look flattering .The kind of shoe one pairs with them is solely based on preference and comfort.Now all you need is confidence and a few pairs of maxi denim skirts and you will be good to go!



. How to style maxi denim skirts . Vibe Yetu.


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