These 5 new s*x things to try are important in a relationship since they help to break the shackles of monotony in a relationship, shackles which could otherwise lead to breakups and divorce. Since the old saying declares that variety is the spice of life, you, too, should apply this rule to your s*x life.

Maintenance s*x. Maintenance s*x helps ensure a long-lasting relationship and is therefore vital to long-running relationships between men and women. The uniqueness of maintenance s*x is that it is unique to couples. If you and your gal are tired after a long day of work, still make an effort to bump uglies just to practice being closer physically.

New-experience s*x. New-experience s*x is s*x that pushes boundaries in a relationship with a woman you’ve been with for a long time, which is why it takes the second spot on this list of new s*x things to try. s*x such as this is also vital to a relationship because it keeps the interaction between you and your woman continually exciting and stimulating, limiting the risk of an affair being initiated . your woman or . you. For instance, if you always try the same s*x position or have s*x in the same room in the house, switch things up . using a kinky s*x position that the pervs in P0*n movies use, or have s*x in a little used room!

Awkward s*x. Awkward s*x depends on how sensitive you are to whatever happens during s*x, but awkward s*x occurs when you or your casual s*x partner has a moment where one of you makes an ungracious noise with your body. The sound can be awkward and take the headiness out of s*x for the moment, but awkward s*x is still the third-best new s*x thing to try since it reminds you that s*x can be funny as well. For instance, if you have s*x, and then one of you humiliatingly farts, that will test your ability to laugh things off as a couple.

s*x on Vacation. Taking the fourth spot as one of the five best new s*x things to try is vacation s*x, just because being on vacation is already quite liberating…so you may as well throw some s*x into the mix. s*x while on vacation gives you the opportunity to also strengthen your psychological bond with your woman because it takes you away from surroundings where s*x may just be mundane. For instance, book a room with a fancy feature like floor-to-ceiling windows, and then revel in the new experience while having s*x.

Make-up s*x. One of the, if not the, oldest cliches about s*x there is, make-up s*x is a kind of s*x that relates to the rawness and passion that only the feeling of anger can bring. The only warning with make-up s*x is that you should not do it if you and your woman are facing real relationship issues. Instead, talk things out before jumping into the sack. For instance, if you and your woman have just ended a monster-argument (probably because of something she did wrong, like using up all your credit cards to selfishly buy up the whole store for herself!), then get rid of some of that anger . nailing your woman…hard.

.: Mademen