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5 Nigerian Comedy Skit Pioneers

Comedy skits in Nigeria have moved from something people do just for fun, to something people are using to cash out and show forth their creativity.

Yes, comedians were before skit makers, but in today’s society, it is just a thin line that separates a full-blown comedian from a comedy skit maker. While we have numerous comedians who are involved in stand-up comedy in Nigeria, there has been a rise in the number of youngsters who have become creators of comedy skits. But let’s go back to the beginning and look at the 5 Nigerian comedy skit pioneers;
Helen Paul
Helen Paul is a Nigerian comedian, singer, and actress. She is also a stand-up comedian, known as Tatafo, characterized by a voice range that makes her sound like a child. When we talk about people who started comedy skits, this amazing star who has paved the way for many young comedians, started making skits way back. In fact, while she gained popularity with her baby voice, she also gained popularity through her funny comedy skits on social media.
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Wofai Fada
This talented pace setter started doing comedy skits as far back as 2014 when social media was still gaining ground and she took advantage of this opportunity. While she has gone ahead to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry generally, she is a force to reckon with in the comedy world.
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AY Makun

There is no how you will mention comedy in Nigeria, and AY’s name will not be on the list. This comedian cum actor gained fame through impersonating Rev. Chris Okotie in his hilarious jokes. Moving on, he has dished out various forms of comedy and also served as an inspiration for many. ay makunay makun
Kalistus Yawa
Sifon Okio known as Kalistus is a Nigerian Comedian and happens to be among the top comedy skitters in Nigeria with his comedy skit known to shed light on various issues in the country. Looking back, he is one of the people who gave comedy skits a voice in Nigeria.
Woli Agba
Ayo Ajewole first began his career as a comedian in the popular oti ganpa comedy series. He later brought his skill sets to Instagram where he dazzled fans with his creativity and rib cracking scenes. His skits are usually about an overconfident ‘man of God’ and his adventures with his mischievous protégé, Dele.Trending video of the day;

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