5 Nigerian Ladies Who Sadly Died Few Days To Their Wedding (Photos)

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Tragedies are bound to happen in life, however, circumstances by which these tragedies occur really speaks volumes about how others will take it.

So is the case of these beautiful Nigerian ladies who sadly passed away just a few days to their weddings. We will be taking a look at them and what exactly happened in this article.

Atika Isah

The beautiful lady was scheduled to have her wedding on the 31st of January 2020. However, she didn’t live to see the day as she passed away on the 13th of January 2020 after being sick for a short time.

Immaculate Okochu

Immaculate Okochu was to have her wedding in October 2020, however, she died on August 12 in Lagos after she was crushed by a truck.

Mary Owan

Mary Owan lost her life in an accident on the 2nd of February 2020. Her wedding was to be held on the 28th of January 2020.

Fawziya Tataru

Fawziya Tataru was schedule to have her wedding on 29th of December 2020, however, she passed away on the 27th of December after a brief illness.

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Farida Saminu

Farida died whiles on her way home in a tricycle. She was returning from a meeting with her make-up artist when suddenly a wave swept her tricycle to the edge of the and she fell into the river and drown to death. This occurred a few days to her wedding.

Source: www.ghgossip.com

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