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So, you are enjoying giving and receiving oral s*x and want to know the five best oral s*x toys, right? Well, there are quite a few oral s*x toys on the market right now. Some offer vibrating functions while others helps increase the pleasure given. These oral s*x toys will give more pleasure for the dollar.

The first oral s*x toy on the list of the five best oral s*x toys is a classic. The tongue vibrator is a wonderful choice for beginners in the oral s*x toy realm. There are quite a few on the market with various features for speed and pleasure. One of the best oral s*x tongue vibrators is the Tongue Joy vibrator. It features an accessory that allows attachments to tongue rings. It has variable speeds and pleasure sleeves. The best part is that it can be attached to other parts of the body.

The second oral s*x toy on the list of the five best oral s*x toys is the Chin Strap-On. Give pleasure in a way that has never been given before. It features a harness as well as a fiberglass dildo. It has a Velcro attachment that actually holds it in place. When climax is reached, it allows an up close and personal view.

Another classic takes the third place on the list of the top five oral s*x toys. Flavored lubricant is a must when having oral s*x. Delicious flavors make the act of giving pleasure an extra pleasure. Flavors range from chocolate to cinnamon or shockingly sour. One of the best is the cinnamon warming lube which warms when it is blown. It is also one of the more tasty varieties of lubricant.

Spice it up in three dimensional with the Oral s*x Plus chest harness. This harness allows the wearer to have a long smooth dildo attached to their chest, while being up close and personal to give pleasure. This product allows you to experiment with multiple positions while giving oral s*x. The multiple uses for this product make it a top pick in the list of the five best oral s*x toys.

Last, but not least, on the list of the five top oral s*x toys is a sweet delight. Head Candy offers oral s*x givers and receivers an excellent slippery barrier while having oral s*x. The person giving the oral s*x presses the candy against their teeth and goes to work. The best part about this candy is that it prevents jaw fatigue usually associated with giving oral s*x to men. The candy is priced at about ten dollars for four pieces but is definitely worth the price.

Oral s*x is a limitless way to give and receive pleasures. There are vibrators that allow for extra stimulation, as well as products to assist with oral s*x and lubrication. It is important to find which products work the best and then build on those products. While these are the top five oral s*x toys, each reader can create their own list.

.: Mademen

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