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5 Period Tracking Apps Every Woman Should Have (And Where To Get Them)



Periods usually arrive once each month, but the exact date, flow, cramp severity, and accompanying symptoms are not quite that consistent. For this very reason, the app market is flooded with period trackers that aim to offer insight into your monthly cycle.
Tracking your period can be useful for several reasons. Period tracking can help you to get to know your own body and cycle and observe any symptoms — such as mood swings or headaches— that may occur during a particular phase of your cycle.
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Period tracking can also help you identify any changes to your menstrual cycle that may be an indicator of potential health issues. Furthermore, using period tracking apps can tell you when you are likely to be most fertile if you are avoiding pregnancy or trying to become pregnant.
There are hundreds of apps that track and analyze the menstrual cycle, so how do you know which one is the best fit for you?
Well here are 5 of the most downloaded period trackers that actually work. We believe every woman living in this age and time should own one and we’ve also taken the liberty to tell you where you can get them from.
1.Flo Period Tracker

This period tracker is one of the best apps available and the good news is its free. It is  The first-period tracker & ovulation calculator that uses artificial intelligence for the most accurate menstrual cycle predictions.

It allows you to update your cycle dates, period flow, mood, weight and other symptoms. It also helps you determine the timing of your next period to avoid surprises.
Flo app is available on Android (Google Play Store) and iPhone (iOS store)
2. Clue

This app is for women who like to share. Clue Connect lets you share information about your cycle – and related symptoms with friends, family and anyone else you fancy. It can also be used to monitor PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) and highlight any lifestyle triggers.

This app is also free and available to download on Android and iPhone.
3. Eve
Eve is for the women who want it all. You can use this app as a period calculator and way of tracking your moods, period symptoms, and general sex life.

The countdown to your next period feature ensures you’ll never be caught short again and daily motivational updates should help provide period pain relief and keep sugar cravings at bay.
You can also link this app to the Glow Health app for a 360-degree look at your wellness. Download the app free to Android and iPhone.
4. My Period Calendar

If you’re interested in sticking to the basics (your period’s timing, length, and symptoms), this is the app for you. Plus, its year-long calendar view allows you to review your past cycles and see how they’ve changed over time.

This app is also free and can be downloaded on Android and iPhone
5. YONO Period, Fertility, and Ovulation Monitor

This app is quite multipurpose. It helps you track your current period and better understand your cycle overall. Its record-keeping tracker allows you to review your activity and symptoms from the past month to prepare for doctor’s visits, while its predictive features alert you to your next period and fertile window.

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