here are six ways men’s lives get ruined when they fall for married woman:

1.) You constantly live in guilt:

There’s always this feeling that you are doing something wrong every time you spend time together. “What if her husband is spying on us?” “What will I say, if we are caught?” “What will her kids be thinking of me?” These questions go on without answers leaving you feeling guilty for banging someone else’s wife.

2.) You are constantly living a lie

Living a secret life is as hard as not telling your mother you took her last dollar from her wallet when she needed it the most. You’re always in fear for the unknown. You can’t tell your friends or your family who you are in love with. You are always hiding from the people you love to make “her” feel safe and comfortable. Love ones start losing trust in you too fast, yet there’s still no explanation.

3.) You are constantly living in jealousy

When s*x with her becomes the one and only  thing you love and need, then the thought of her husband sharing a bed with her makes you run mad in anger. When will she divorce him? Why hasn’t she left him yet? Suddenly, you can’t stand sharing the women you love with another person — even when you know she’s married!

4.) You miss out on real love

Being in love with a married woman keeps your heart from welcoming true love, even when it stands before you. You can’t even recognize or appreciate single and attractive women any more… because you still hope “she” will leave her husband for you “soon”. You find yourself being faithful to the wrong woman!

5.) You have no real relationship

Dating and falling in love with a married woman leave you with an edited highlights of a marriage: the laughter, the smiles, the s*x but no real relationship built on love, trust and sacrifices.  You lack emotional closeness and real intimacy which true lovers have. You end up frustrated and your self-esteem take a south turn.


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