5 Reasons Why Every Stylish Lady Should Own A Wrist Watch

Defining good style is not an easy task. Two women can have completely different fashion expressions and yet, both of them can be exquisitely stylish and fashionable. That’s why it’s often said that exceptional style is partly your own creative outtake on fashion and the other 50 percent are certain classics and staple items that characterize all stylish ladies. One of those items is a high-quality wristwatch and we bring you five reasons why this piece of accessory is a fashion must for any girl and woman of style.

It is convenient

\"\"Having to constantly look at your phone in order to check the time, makes you look less present in any current situation. For example, if you are chatting with a group of friends and start looking at your phone frequently, you can detach yourself from the conversation, and make yourself look rude. That is why an elegant wristwatch is a much better option, as you can subtly look at it to see what time it is, without risking looking like you are bored and uninterested in the ongoing conversation. This is just one of the reasons why a classy woman will always have a sophisticated watch as her most precious accessory.

It describes you

\"\"The style of your watch can be a faint, yet intimate detail that says something about you or is of great sentimental value. For instance, the color of the strap can suggest what your favorite color is or a silver watch can suggest that you prefer this nuance over gold. Additionally, personalized fashion items, such as lovely engraved watches, can be dear reminders of certain special occasions or joyful presents for people you love.  You can opt for an elegant watch and have it engraved so that you have at all times a fashionable, yet sentimentally valuable item or you can gift one such wristwatch as a thoughtful present to a person you care about. It is guaranteed that anyone will know to appreciate such a beautiful gift.

It is a symbol of a successful businesswoman

It is true that one cannot judge a book by its cover, but this is not quite correct when it comes to watches. High-quality watches are seen as symbols of success and confidence and even power. That is why you can often see fashionable women wearing them with chic business outfits, and thus changing the obsolete opinion according to which business attire is boring and unflattering. Moreover, we tend to associate watches with organized and reliable people, thus, with great professionals. So, if you are just starting your professional career, make sure to equip yourself with at least one classy, gorgeous watch.

It is a timeless fashion piece

\"\"A great watch never goes out of fashion. That is why watches are one of the few fashion accessories that are always worth the investment. You can wear a sleek watch all year round, with your formal as well as casual outfits. A trendy cocktail dress will look exquisite when mixed with a pair of alluring black strappy sandals and a silver wristwatch. In the same manner, a cute cotton tee and a pair of mom jeans will make perfect attire for a Sunday brunch when matched with a leather strap watch and spacious leather tote bag in the same tone. Moreover, a great watch of quality is an item that can be passed on from generation to generation, making it a truly exceptional piece of accessory.

It makes you value time

A true lady will respect her own, as well as other people’s time. For example, a slight glance at your wristwatch will remind you that you have an upcoming important business meeting or that you have to finish a certain task by Thursday at 1 pm. Thus, you will be able to start preparing and working on time, without waiting for the last moment to do so. Moreover, a watch may help you stop being late, as it will subconsciously warn you that only yours, but also your friends’ or colleagues’ time is valuable.

We can conclude that being stylish includes an elegant wristwatch. It not only looks classy but signals that the lady who wears it is a woman of distinct style, who knows the value of time and is not afraid of success. Finally, there is some unique charm in looking at your watch to check the time.



Peter Minkoff is a guest writer.

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