A lot of times, you can’t tell a person’s age by looking at their faces because some people look either older than their age or younger. Many people would definitely prefer to look younger than their age if given the choice because everyone deeps down almost dreads the thoughts of growing old and having wrinkles. If you have ever wondered why some people you know or even yourseelf look younger than your age, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 6 very interesting reasons why this happens…

-People who’ve maintained a fit, healthy weight throughout their life will often have a younger looking physique, as well as less sagging in the skin in their jaw and neck.

-Vibrant hair color, with a glossy texture and lots of volume can also make someone look younger.

-Characteristics like large eyes, thicker and straighter eyebrows, bright/shiny skin, healthy straight teeth and a smile do add up tp reasons why some people look younger than their age.

-Genetics: A recent study conducted by Olay in conjunction with Harvard University found that 20% of African-American women and 10% of white women have genetics to thank for looking younger than others.  Everyone has genes that help take care of our skin and keep it looking supple and fresh an for a majority of people, these genes get less active as they age, but for exceptional skin agers, they continue to work better and longer.


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