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5 Reasons You Should Start Cuddling Right Now



Do you bask in big spoon glory? Or are you more of a little spoon who prefers to be held? It doesn’t really matter. The point is, some people love to cuddle, while others squirm at the very thought of post-coital touch.

Regardless of your snuggling preferences, you may be surprised to hear cuddling comes with some serious health benefits. And while your likes and dislikes may not perfectly align with your partner’s, it’s time to take a good look at your cuddling ways. > are nine reasons to cozy up to your counterpart.

1. Cuddling lets your partner know you care about them

Sometimes, you don’t always want to commit to a full-on staring contest in order to connect with your partner. True, the sweet embrace of looking deeply into your lover’s eyes is great, but there are times you just don’t feel like it. And that’s OK. BuzzFeed says, “When you’re spooning, it’s nice to know your body can exchange warmth and positive vibes without eye contact.” Luckily, cuddling is all you need during times of fatigue, or nights you’re dying to have your eyes on Netflix.

2. It promotes relationship satisfaction

The time directly following intercourse is, no doubt, a vulnerable one. You’ve just been intimate with another person and, depending on the experience, are either tempted to head for the hills or stick around for more. In the case of those in relationships, though, cuddling your loved one after s*x can work wonders for your overall satisfaction.

3.Cuddling fosters closeness

Even more on that oxytocin: You and your partner stand to get a whole lot closer with each snuggle sesh you share. Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., told Brides, “[Oxytocin] promotes trust between the both of you and fosters your connections. And cuddling increases your sense of security with your partner, which increases your desire to be emotionally intimate and vulnerable with them.” There’s no denying the positive effects cuddling has on your relationship.

4. It can give you social support

OK, so maybe you’re not into PDA. But that’s still alright, because this point is about the powerful effects of hugging. Seeing as hugging is usually acceptable pretty much anywhere, it has some great benefits for your overall social life. In fact, one study found hugging may convey social support. Hug your partner often, and feel better around others. Done deal.

5. It makes you happy

Aside from being happy when you’re curled up in your lover’s arms, cuddling releases some pretty key ingredients that’ll help boost your current feel-good status. According to Women’s Health, dopamine and serotonin are to thank for this. Because you release these hormones during a sweet embrace, your mood elevates. Additionally, cuddling can help curb depression.

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