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5 Ridiculous Reasons Nigerians Give For Why You’re Not Married



“Go and marry!” There’s almost no Nigerian woman in her late 20s or early 30s that hasn’t been told this. Marriage is such a big deal that when you start to get older, you become a prayer point for your family members. Your relationships become everybody’s business and people try to force even platonic male friends on you.

As if that’s not bad enough, they start to create reasons for why you’re not married. If you’ve been in these shoes, then these reasons will be familiar to you. Here are five ridiculous reasons some Nigerians give for why you’re not married:

1. You’re too rich

Some women have been told not to buy nice cars because it will scare away husbands. Successful women are accused of sleeping around for money and are expected to tone down their wealth so men can feel secure.

2. You’re too independent

If you’re an ambitious woman who has her life all planned out, you’ve probably been told that you act like you don’t need a man. Some others will say you act like you’re a man.

5 Ridiculous Reasons Nigerians Give For Why You’re Not Married


3. You’re too beautiful

Apparently, having a nice face beat and wearing nice clothes makes some men think that you’re too flamboyant and expensive for them to manage.

4. You’re too smart

Smart women are told that they’re intimidating to men. According to this “why you’re not married” theory, if you have two Master’s Degrees or a Ph.D, you’re overqualified for marriage.

5 Ridiculous Reasons Nigerians Give For Why You’re Not Married


5. You’re badly behaved

So if none of the above applies to you, they’ll sum it up to one final conclusion; that you’re not married because your behaviour is bad.

What other ridiculous reasons have you heard for why you’re not married? Share with us below.

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