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5 Sexy Moves Men Secretly Wish You’d Make In The Bedroom



Have you ever wondered what your husband really wants in bed? Here’s what men want you to know about what they like in bed:

1. Take control.

Regardless of the reason, climb on top of him, grab him by the wrists and make him your bitch. You can even use whips, chains or a blindfold. Ask your man what he prefers, and ask him how rough he wants it. Make sure to choose a safety word!

2. Blow him.

Men love blowjobs. It’s quick (if you’re doing it right and know his sweet spot), and you can blow him pretty much anywhere. So get on your knees and blow, chicas.

3. Talk dirty.

Men love it when you utter filthy words in their ear. How nasty? It depends on the guy. Some men love it when women curse. Others want a woman to talk about how much you love their junk. Describe it in graphic detail, explaining how good it feels in your…. you get the jist.

4. Show him what you want.

men love it when women are aggressive and confident in bed. Show him what you want with your fingertips!

5. Praise him.

All men want to feel like they are the best you’ve ever had. So praise him like the Greek god he wants to be.

During the act, tell him how good it feels when he licks you there. Tell him that he’s driving you wild because his Johnson is in control. That will not only boost his confidence, but it will also motivate him to open up about what he wants sexually.

He is your husband, enjoy s*x with him!

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