5 Signs He Wants To Commit To You | Relationship Advice For Women By Mat Boggs


Mat Boggs shares a life-changing lesson from his mom to celebrate Mother’s Day and living your best life!

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Mat Boggs Bio:

As a sought-after dating and relationship coach for women and international speaker, Mat Boggs has helped thousands of women understand men, improve their relationships, and attract the relationship they want.

As the best-selling author of Project Everlasting, and creator of Cracking The Man Code, Mat Boggs? dating and relationship advice has been featured on national media including The Today Show, CNN, Headline News, Oprah and Friends, and many more.

Mat?s Mission: To increase love in the world, one heart at a time.

As a dating coach for women, Mat believes that your history does not determine your destiny, and that you are more powerful than any circumstance you are facing. The relationship dream in your heart really can become the life you love living!

Mat Boggs highly acclaimed relationship programs have served women around the world in all age groups from 20yrs old to over 70yrs old.

If you’re interested in receiving help attracting love or improving your relationship click here: http://www.crackingthemancode.com/coaching/

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Written By: Mathew Boggs

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  1. Soooooo I need some advice…. I met this guy a few weeks ago… I'm older he's younger (9 yrs) , we both have no kids, college educated, career oriented and he's in the Army right now. We met on an online dating site started talking off line and hit it off…I guess so much so that pretty much all these signs at least 4/5… I'm not going to lie I'm torn because it feels AMAZING to see a man feel so certain about me… However, at the same time boggled and scared cause I don't feel like we know each other enough to have these feelings or move at this pace where he's damn near ready to relocate me to where he is… But yet I am always doubtful because to me it's just seems to good to be true too soon… So am I crazy for thinking logically and trying to keep my feet on solid ground or should I Just go with the flow and let Love happen… 🤔❤️😍

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  3. I agree with 4 of them, but exclusivity in certain way, because now he start asking me to stop from all my favorite activities and giving me less freedom to hangout with some friends, he seems dont like the idea of me having my own 'me time'

  4. Mine sends the good morning text..he sends funny cartoons during the day, for which I have thanked him, saying it keeps my spirits up in so many ways. He always texts when he is leaving work for some reason, and mostly also when he arrives home safely. (I never asked him to do this, but I do feel less anxious that he does so, so I usually text back "thanks for letting me know") . A couple times he has even texted sorry I fell asleep when I got home, though I never gav e any pressure or asked what happened. Mist nights he sends me an official "good night" cartoon , it's so cute.

    Last weekend we got into a conversation jumping off a TV show about online profiles. He stated if he dated someone else that it wouldnt be fair to me. I looked at him and said " I dont want anyone else , and I only have time for one man". His demeanor changed and he said you dont?"
    I told him I would take my profile down. I did. I checked to see if he took his down, and he did.

  5. He wants to know where I am, he doesn’t want men to look at meaning he don’t want me out and about so men can have a chance to speak to me, he calls 20 times a day, he asks me how my day went, he talks about our kids and how he wants to make life better for us

  6. i found all those features about my ex but never posting anything about us on social media, while he loves post photos of himself or even close friends of him on social media. So, I cast doubt on his commitment and also knowing him well. especially our relationship has been limited to see each other few days in a year since it was long distance relationship. and we had our daily skype video call. so, finally i end up with cannot know him who really is and broke up. I am 95 percent sure that I did a right job. it is worth to mention that he put so so much effort in this relationship. came to visit me from other country which took 20 hours flight when i asked him to come after 3 months relationship. i broke up after 8 months. moreover, we may not find any chance to stay together at least in next 7.9 months. so i want to know what do you think?

  7. I have a situation where this guy holds immediacy and regularity but he hasn’t showed the exclusivity. He says we are talking but is he taking it slow into dating or is he keeping his options open?

  8. How about my ldr
    He always chatting everyday sharing pictures where ever we are. But hi wasn’t want to a talk video call.. everyday. Sometimes 3week before we see each other. If I can’t say I missed him he doesn’t call me. Just chatting everyday. And he never asked me how’s my life here everyday doing..,do you think he’s serious to me. I almost 2yrs chatting.

  9. Please help answer my question. I’m dating a wonderful guy who shows most of the commitment signs. However, he didn’t declare me his girlfriend, so I asked him if I’m his girlfriend and he said no. Should girls make assumptions that they are, is it rude to ask or is asking a man that question makes them feel less masculine? Thank you in advance

  10. My guy was hurt really bad on his last committed relationship. We met on tinder and I wasn't looking for a relationship neither did he. We did everything back wards, had sex the time we met and we have the consistency and talking about the direction we want to go. We are friends on Facebook and I don't bring my personal life to it. Our thing is so fragile and precious I don't want anything bad to happen. I'm over hills for him he is so sexy I'm so proud of his hard work and I'm just enjoying every second with him. We both have a pretty busy schedule so when we hang out we just enjoy each other.

  11. So, I've been watching your videos off and for at least three days of my summer off, especially the ones that share how to know if a guy is interested in you. It's been like my own mini business conference. I can now say, officially, that I am "fairly" clueless about what attracts guys. My daughter and I have talked about this. We both see ourselves as deserving great love and as high quality females – not in a braggy well-look-at me sort of way, but in the "Little Princess" movie sort of way. All females are princesses and we deserve our prince and believe we will find each other… eventualy. The problem is that we are clueless about what to look for. I didn't have the greatest example and my daughter's father was not in her life after the age of two. We're happy and hoping, and your channel makes me feel like we might have some actual skills to help us out. Thank you!!! The joyful way you deliver your content and talk about your wife love of your life and your sincerity makes me want to try. I enjoy life so I haven't been in any rush to find my someone, but I feel ready for that now and, again, even moreso after watching your channel. I'm going to share it with my daughter and sister!

  12. Omygosh…he practically purposed within 3 months….it was adorable. He was so committed. The other day I said, well I am not sure what to do with my lil dog she's so old and moving to Canada will be a long trip. Maybe I find her a new Mama." He said, " No way, she's a part of our little family she's coming too." He melted my heart by saying this. It really showed how he accepted what is close to me and loves what I love. He is truly committed. Hello Canada and new love life.

  13. These 5 signs are also the same signs a narcissist uses to get you under his spell to victimize you. It's called the love bombing stage and it happens very quickly to include all references mentioned in this video. They set out to destroy you by giving you false hope. The next phase is to be devalued and then, without warning, you are discarded for no reason and they are off to the next victim. Be very cautious of any man that comes on strong and moves things very quickly, there is usually a motive.

  14. Recently i paid to someone for a love spell and my ex boyfriend literally came back to me!! In case you're wondering here is the email address that i contacted "DRPHILIPSPELLTEMPLE @GMAIL. COM" started with phone calls then he came home like nothing happened.

  15. I agree after believing for a year a guy was into me but just busy….I gave up and met a man who truly makes time for me…all of me, happy , sad, sexy and I get excited still every time I see him. Ya it's only been a month but he makes me fell better about myself … that's how I know … oh yeah and that needy feeling is gone as he give me what I need in a relationship…love it.

  16. They CALL voice to voice💝
    Spend time with u 💝
    Shower u with gifts that know your personality💝
    They wine and dine u💝
    Touch your skin all over💝 Fresh flowers are nice but not important as they die💝
    They RESPECT you💝
    They PROTECT U💝

  17. I am in a situation where I was in a relationship for 3 years and he didn’t want to commit and make things happen until I was fed up, left and started dating someone who had the same interests as myself. What does that say about him??


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