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Guys are like babies. People find this had to believe but it’s true. Communication doesn’t come as easily to them as it does to us. So sometimes when bae shuts off it’s hard to understand why he is emotionally unavailable. But we have some tips that can help you identify and understand the signs.

This is how you’ll know he is emotionally unavailable:

he is emotionally unavailable

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He’s expressionless

You can hardly tell what’s going on with him. Showing emotions is almost impossible and you can’t tell if he’s happy, sad or excited. People like this generally have just one expression for everything they feel.

He .s the blame game

He never accepts that anything is his fault, and always find someone else to blame for things. When things go wrong an emotionally unavailable man goes on the offensive or .s it down like it’s nothing.

he is emotionally unavailable

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He’s absent-minded

You always feel like he isn’t listening to you and when he’s listening, it feels like he’s looking through you. He dismisses your opinion and views as though he never heard them and is always forgetful.

He’s self-absorbed and distant

After the initial excitement and trying to get you to fall for him, he grows cold. It becomes all about what he needs and pulls away from you. You end up feeling like you’re doing the chasing.

he is emotionally unavailable

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He’s mostly about the sex

An emotionally unavailable man is usually all about the sex and once that’s no longer consistent or interesting he will move on to someone else.

The fact is, most of the time it’s not his fault or something he can control. The best thing is to move on from the relationship before you get invested. But if you already are then knowing the problem might be helpful in fixing it. If you still want him to commit to you then read this.




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