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5 Signs You’re Having An Emotional AffairZUMI

Cheating on your partner is not always black and white. In fact, women are more likely to stray emotionally than physically. So, how do you know you’re crossing that platonic friendship line with that buddy of yours?

Because an emotional affair can be subtle, it will be really easy to miss the signs. Usually, you don’t even realize what’s happening until you find yourself deeply involved with someone other than your significant other. How do you recognize the signs early enough? We can help you out there.

1. He’s on your mind – a lot

You find yourself thinking and worrying about him. You re. your last conversations in your head and you spend way too much time thinking about what you’ll do or say when you see him again. He dominates your thoughts most of the time.

2. You tell him things you shouldn’t

Let’s say your primary partner does something to hurt you, you’d rather tell this guy about it than talk to your man. You go to him for words of encouragement, comfort etc. He knows all there is to know about every aspect of your life. He probably even knows more about what’s going on with you than your significant other.

emotional affair

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3. You have fantasies about him

You’ve thought about what it’s like being his woman. In fact, you’ve probably considered leaving your partner for him. The fantasies could be of a sexual nature as well because you yearn to be close to him.

4. There’s a disconnection with your significant other

When you’re having an emotional affair, this other guy takes all your emotional energy. There will be an emotional barrier between you and your partner because someone else owns your heart, so to speak.

5. You feel guilty

No matter how much you try to justify your emotional affair to yourself, your conscience will definitely let you know you’re doing something wrong. So if you’re feeling guilty about talking to someone for a seemingly innocent reason, then there’s probably something more going on.

emotional affair

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