If you find yourself in a confusing situation with a friend, here are some ways to find out if an outing is really a date:
1. He touches you – a lot

If your friend puts his hand on your waist or shoulder, he’s interested. If he touches your leg, arm or hands he’s got more on his mind than he’s letting on.
2. He looks at you – a lot

Not just passing glances; if he looks at you intensely and it feels like he’s trying to see into your soul, you’re definitely on a date.
3. He compliments you – a lot

Once is nice. Twice is flattering. More than that and he’s sending a message you may not really be receiving.
4. He gets personal

If he asks deep, personal questions about your life or your past, he’s trying to get to know the nitty-gritty you under your lovely outer shell.
5. He orders for you

Not to say he decides what you eat, but if he asks you what you want, and then orders it for you, he’s taking control of the situation and stepping up. Take that as a sign he’s acting gentlemanly for a reason.

Common chivalry, like opening doors or pulling out chairs, isn’t enough to turn a friendly outing into a date. But these elements mentioned above, especially when combined, make a compelling argument toward wanting more than friendship. The common theme is getting into your personal space and creating an environment of intimacy. If you notice these signs and don’t want what he does, don’t lead him on. Be kind with his heart, but let him know you appreciate him being in your life – as a friend.