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5 Singers Who Have Featured Their Partners In Music Videos

Business, the say, should not be mixed with pleasure and family and business should be separated. Some Nigerian artistes, as well as business men and women have, however, shown times without number that family is golden and love is a beautiful, bringing their partners and spouses into their music videos.

Outsourcing for vixens for their music videos is the professional thing to do and way to go but over time, we have seen a shift in dimension and perspective, where singers bring their realities into their crafts, using their spouses and partners as vixens in their music videos. This, to a large extent, creates beautiful memories of their home and love in the hearts of their fans, as well as brings more life to their love and relationship.

Here are 5 of such artistes:
1. 2face: Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face Idibia, 2face or 2Baba was at a time known as Father Abraham, giving the number of women he’s had kids with. Amidst and through these all, he proved that his heart truly belonged and belongs to one woman – Annie Idibia and went on to feature her on the music video of his breakthrough song, African Queen in 2003, and then My Rainbow in 2011, which saw a collection of the best shots of their traditional and white wedding.\"\" \"5
2. Timi Dakolo: Timi Dakolo never shies away from displaying just how much he loves his wife, Busola and for every of his love song, he has never used a vixen aside his wife. From The Vows to Iyawo Mi and to the most recent Take featuring Olamide, Timi Dakolo’s must have felt expressing this love through other women is not appropriate, and Busola, is the best objet of his love expression, music video or not.\"\" \"\"3. Davido: Their love had begun as a tertiary school love and blossomed till the young man graduated and begun his music full time. The love was that of a young man and woman with so much exuberance and flames that he wrote songs about her – Assurance, promising to be hers forever, and then 1 Milli, where he made his intentions of paying her bride price known, and taking her for a wife.\"DavidoIn these two songs, Chioma was the vixen, basking in the euphoria of love with her man. Davido, however, has kids with 2 other women, whom he did not commonise as he featured them to in the visuals for  Wonder Woman, a musical where he brought together, celebrated and honoured a number of accomplished, brilliant and beautiful African women.
\"\"4. Banky W: After abandoning thew song he was writing for a few months due to lack of inspiration, Banky W finally found inspiration to complete Made For You when Adesua came into the picture – they were friends but he wanted more. Finishing the song, he decided to use her for the visuals and as the Director of the set, he played the “he who pays the piper calls the tune” trick on Adesua, kissing her passionately in the visual and deciding when it stopped.
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The love grew and two became one, leaving and cleaving as husband and wife. Going through the journey of trying to conceive for 3 years, their baby, Zaiah came forth and to celebrate, Banky W featured his heavily pregnant wife in the visual to give hope to others who are awaiting.\"\" \"\" \"\"
5. Adekunle Gold: Adekunle Gold is the latest talent to bring his spouse as a vixen in his musical video. Simi and Adekunle God have both featured each other in their musics and at may times, did the background voices for each other but never appeared one as a vixen for the other until Adekunle God brought Sinner, featuring Lucky Daye. He and his wife are the cover stars of the artwork of the track, cuddling in a pool.\"\"\"\" \"\"TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Things To Know About Miriam Olusanya, GTB’s First Female MD Photos Credit: Getty

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