These days, people just grab microphones and sing gibberish (ooops! that was harsh). The funny part is that these gubberish sells a lot, and people are dancing to it. Gone were the days when it takes months to write a song, which makes a whole lot of sense and pass across healthy messages. Nowadays, people just enter the studio, concort some junk words and in a few weeks, they produce an album. Funny, right?

Okay, i am done been serious. Lets take a look at some of the words used by Naija musicians that are now used as slangs in the society. Want some laughs? Follow me through this..

1. Shoki

This is not just a lyrics, but also a dance step. Heard the song ‘shoki, ah! Shoki, shoki!?
Meaning: to do the do or have s*x with someone. Could also mean hard s*x

2. Gbera
I heard people said this word is used in a particular type of gambling. If you have heard the song ‘aja 4, gbera’, then you know the . of this word.
Meaning: to move or take off

3. Jagaban
Meaning: A boss, kingpin or someone that is kinda above the law.

4. German juice
A female artiste used this word….. where she sang about the girl with the german juice
Meaning: mostly used by the guys to denote female ‘assets’; especially the b**bs and backside

5. Skelewu
it is a dance step but could mean otherwise
Meaning: Skelewu is a derogatory term used to refer to ladies who offer themselves for money, u’d find them at all sorts of social gatherings or relaxation centres… Mostly used by men to talk ladies into s*x

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